PS5 vs Xbox Series – Day 1 (PS5)

So you saved your coins up. You either camped out in front of GameStop or your computer screen. You were lucky enough to secure a pre-order for your next-gen console of choice. Now what? What the fuck are you going to play on it? I have no idea! But we can figure it out together good people. So…..let’s.

To be clear, I’m basing my day 1 findings on some light research. I don’t know every single title that will be available because there is a lot to consider. GamePass will offer a lot of current games that can be played on the new consoles. The PS Plus collection is offering a bunch of current gen games that will work on PS5. Certain current gen titles will have upgraded versions available. I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like figuring all of that out right now. So I went to (because I like it, shut up) and just looked at their listings for each console on day 1. Let’s talk about it. This post will break down the PS5, and we’ll be right back to talk Series X/S.

Playstation 5

Astro’s Playroom – I believe this game is loaded on the console already, but don’t sleep. If you’re into platformers, you will probably get some enjoyment out of this. It also looks to be a great intro to the Dualsense’s new features. Can’t hurt to try right?

Demon’s Souls – I swore I would not buy this game based on the nightmares it gave me the first time around. But LOOK AT IT. It’s so gorgeous. I almost feel like I have to buy it. And be trash at it. Repeatedly. You make your own judgement, but if you’re into this corner of gaming? It’s a no brainer. If you aren’t? Just know it’s insanely unforgiving and you will die. A lot.

Destruction All Stars – I’m filing this in the “need to know more” cabinet for now. I saw some things in the trailer I liked, but I’m not exactly sure what the exact premise of the game is. I saw some driving, some melee action, people on foot, I just don’t know enough to recommend it.

Godfall – KEEP THIS GAME FAR THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME PLEASE. I heard 3 player co-op and was ready to drop the coins, but it looks so slow and clunky. It’s just…..uninspired. It’s pretty though! But it’s mehtastic. And it somehow looks worse every time I see it. I recommend you AT LEAST wait for some reviews and hands on impressions.

Just Dance 2021 – Come on man. Nope. I refuse.

This is the PS4 trailer, the PS5 version will be available Day 1.

Maneater – I mean, if you’re a shark enthusiast, go ahead and cop. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a no from me dawg.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – This is where your money should be going. It will undoubtedly be worth every penny of the 50 bucks it costs. If you didn’t play Spider-Man on PS4, pay the extra 20 for the Ultimate Edition of Miles so you can play that too. I’ll be skipping that honestly. I’m sure it is incredible on PS5, but I’ve PLAYED IT already. Not even that long ago. But yeah, they might as well have bundled this because I’m certain almost everyone who buys a PS5 Day 1 is picking it up.

Observer: System Redux – Apparently this is a next-gen version of the 2017 “Observer” which was very well received. I never heard of it before now, so I can’t recommend it. But from the trailers I’ve watched, and some of the reviews, I can say it’s worth looking into as a possible purchase. Especially you Cyberpunk 2077 fans, as it’s set in a similar environment.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure – I think everyone should give this a shot, especially if you are looking for a solid family title. But platformer fans should definitely pick it up along with the console. LBP has always been criminally underrated as a platformer, and we all know why so I don’t have to say it. This looks really freaking good, and you can’t go wrong with 4 player co-op in most cases.

Jerz’s Sure Shots – Spidey MM, Demon’s Souls, Sackboy (And Astro for free)

Jerz’s Possibles – Observer, Destruction All Stars

Jerz’s No Way’s – Godfall, Maneater, Just Dance

Well there you have it. Just one man’s humble opinion of how you should start your PS5 library. Again, I know these aren’t all the games, but most of the other titles are current gen upgrades. I feel like you’ve already made up your mind about those, so my opinion doesn’t mean anything. I’ll be right back to talk about the XBox lineup. Hit me up and tell me which of these games you will be purchasing on Day 1.

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