PS5 vs Xbox Series – Day 1 (Xbox Series X/S)

So you saved your coins up. You either camped out in front of GameStop or your computer screen. You were lucky enough to secure a pre-order for your next-gen console of choice. Now what? What the fuck are you going to play on it? I have no idea! But we can figure it out together good people. So…..let’s.

To be clear, I’m basing my day 1 findings on some light research. I don’t know every single title that will be available because there is a lot to consider. GamePass will offer a lot of current games that can be played on the new consoles. The PS Plus collection is offering a bunch of current gen games that will work on PS5. Certain current gen titles will have upgraded versions available. I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like figuring all of that out right now. So I went to (because I like it, shut up) and just looked at their listings for each console on day 1. Let’s talk about it. This post will break down the Xbox side of things.

Before we get started, I noticed AC Valhalla and Watch Dogs weren’t listed as Day 1 titles for PS5. If they are, or if they aren’t for XBox, my apologies. The site I used doesn’t have a definitive date for them on PS5, but has them listed day 1 for XBox.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – I mean, it’s Assassin’s Creed. I haven’t played one since Ezio’s tale wrapped up, but I hear good things about the last two entries. So I guess your feelings about the franchise will determine what choice you make.

Bright Memory – I want to like this game, because the premise interests me. But it feels like there is something missing. I can’t quite figure it out. It looks really impressive considering one person developed it. I think it’s worth picking up at the right price honestly. I don’t know that it is worth 60/70 bucks but at a decent price it might be worth your time.

Dirt 5 – Off road racers tend to be enjoyable, so I can see this appealing to a decent crowd. It’s also the only racer available, so driving enthusiasts could do much worse.

Gears: Tactics – This is a well made trailer, I’m sold. It reviewed pretty well on PC, so Gears fans and Strategy fans alike may be interested in picking this up. It seems like a great leveraging of what makes Gears unique, while being a true blue SRPG.

This is the PS4 trailer, the PS5 version will be available Day 1.

Maneater –  I mean, if you’re a shark enthusiast, go ahead and cop. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a no from me dawg.

Observer: System Redux – Apparently this is a next-gen version of the 2017 “Observer” which was very well received. I never heard of it before now, so I can’t recommend it. But from the trailers I’ve watched, and some of the reviews, I can say it’s worth looking into as a possible purchase. Especially you Cyberpunk 2077 fans, as it’s set in a similar environment.

Tetris Effect: Connected – For my money, this is the absolute must have game on Day 1. I’m not saying it’s the BEST game, but it is the one I would need to have. I am in love with Tetris Effect in every way, and telling me I can play with 3 other people and SHARE ONE BOARD?!?!? Sign me the fuck up. And that song! I get emotional every time.

The Falconeer – Don’t sleeeeeeeeeep. I think this game is going to be sneaky good. People will probably overlook it because it’s not jaw droppingly beautiful, but remember who told you it will be a solid pickup (unless he was wrong). PC players can try the beta next month if you’re interested.

Watch Dogs: Legion – I could almost copy/paste the AC blurb. I played Watch Dogs 1 and 2, and I kinda liked them both. Legion looks interesting, but this series has an identity crisis. It REALLY needed a protagonist that people could latch on to. It didn’t find one, so now you just control whoever is free that day. I’m only slightly exaggerating. I’ll be watching the hands on impressions for this one. I love the premise, but I’m worried about the execution.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Yakuza is just a really fun franchise that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s almost always a good time, and this one seems to really be leaning into it’s lane to great effect. I think it’s a pretty safe bet to be a fun time.

Jerz’s Sure Shots – Gears: Tactics, Tetris, Yakuza

Jerz’s Possibles – Valhalla, Watch Dogs, Dirt 5, Observer, Falconeer

Jerz’s No Way’s – Maneater, Bright Memory

So now you should have a decent head start on what you should and shouldn’t be looking at when picking up your shiny new console this November. I’m not saying my word is absolute, I’m just trying to help. As always, I encourage everyone to piggyback on what I say and do more research. There will indeed be more options that I didn’t present. A host of current gen games will have upgrades instantly available, as well as some backwards compatible games that will be free through GamePass and PS Plus. So do your googles, peep my humble opinion, and then tell me what you’re going to be purchasing on Day 1 this upcoming gen. I’ll be waiting!

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