RealGoesRight: Gaming Resume

Checking in as the “lesser” half of the duo. My favorite rapper once said in a song, “before you act on a word please consider the source.” We figured it’d be prudent if we put our credentials up so ya’ll would understand we’ve been getting it in on the video game front for a long time. Between my partner and I, we’ve got almost 50 years of video game experience to share with the masses. With many more years to come. Knowledge does us no good if we can’t share it with others. So, without further ado, I present to you, my gaming resume. Hope you enjoy the post. If so? Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @OurCadeGames and sign up as an email subscriber.

Name: RealGoesRight

Age: 27

Experience: 21 years

Intro To Gaming: Sonic the Hedgehog. The OG joint on Sega Genesis.

Systems Currently Owned: PS3, 360, Vita (PS4 and Xbox One coming soon)

Strongest Genre: Action Adventure/RPG. Think God of War and Dragon’s Crown. I also love Metroidvania style games. Metroid is my favorite 2D game on the planet. It has, however, been recently challenged by Guacamelee. If there’s 2D exploration and platforming to be had, I’m all in.

Weakest Genre: Stealth. I don’t have the patience required to truly master the genre. I like playing them when they’re a bit more opened i.e. Metal Gear, Last of Us, and Splinter Cell Conviction. The more hardcore ones? I get so nervous to trip alarms it ends up becoming more torture than enjoyed experience.

All Time Fav System: PS2.

Current Fav System: 360 gets the most gaming time, but the more games I play on my Vita, the more I fall in love with it.

Favorite Game: For this gen? Borderlands because I got to run through the entire game with my homie @JerzeeBalla (ChronoJerz)  the other writer on this site.

Code Check (Codes I know off the top of my head).

  • ABACABB, DULLARD = Mortal Kombat Codes
  • U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,B,A, Select, Start = Konami Code)
  • I used to know all the cheat codes for GTA, but it’s been a while since I’ve actually played a game where a cheat code could be used.

Accomplishments (Gaming moments I am proud of).

  • Beating the first boxer on Victorious Boxers. Took me forever because of how realistic it is. I’d tell you that beating the game was rewarding, but the second fight has you boxing a bear. And that goes about as well as you think it would go in real life.
  • I got all the licenses in GT2. Yes. Even the almost impossible S license.
  • Beating the last boss on MGS: Revengeance. Took me 5 hours to get to the boss and 4.5 hours to actually beat him. Closest I ever came to breaking a controller. And my television.
  • I’ve completed every game in the God of War series except for the new one that dropped earlier this year.
  • I searched for a copy of Zone of Enders: 2nd Runner for like 6 months before I found it used at a local Gamestop. It was in pristine condition too. Traded it in after my backwards compatible PS3 broke though. Very sad day indeed.
  • In NCAA 10 and 11, I ruled my Online Dynasty league with an iron fist. I looked real Nick Saban-ish those first couple years of my Online Dynasty.
  • Beating X-com Enemy Unknown. Ridiculously hard, even on the normal setting. Took something like 50 or so hours to beat the game. Possibly more.
  • Finishing Valkyria Chronicles. if you played it, you’d know that’s an accomplishment all on its own.

Other Notes:

  • I like shotguns in shooting games. Nothing more satisfying than the deep bass of a shotgun blast through an enemy’s skull. Gives me a rush.
  • I keep a backlog of games that I hope to play be able to play. The industry is good for front/back loading a release schedule then going on a drought. I’m always prepared for the drought.
  • I really do love Metroid. It’s an almost unhealthy obsession. Problem is, I’m not a huge fan of Nintendo systems. You can see where the issue is.

I play a wide variety of genres. It’d be easier to tell you what I don’t play. Anything that works better on PC (except FPS’s) usually gets skipped since I only have a home console. I’ll play damn near anything if the mechanics are dope and there’s something to hook me to the game.

I love co-op games. Reminds of my childhood where I sat and played with my friends all evening. Now I can do it online.

Competitive gaming is cool, but I had to sit out for a while. I’ll be returning next gen because Titanfall is looking quite beastly and that new shooter by Ubisoft is basically everything I’ve ever wanted in an online shooter.

All in all, I’m a gamer. I don’t hold allegiances to systems (even if I prefer Sony over Microsoft), games, franchises or anything of the like. I’m down to play anything on any system, so long as the game is dope. Or unless it’s on a mobile device. Mobile gaming is a huge craze…and I think it sucks. I’m not super competitive, but I talk shit with the best of them. And if I lose…I’m still talking shit. It’s what makes gaming fun.

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