MadMonday: Get over Ultra SF4.

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Early last week, there was a raging debate on twitter during the wee hours of the morning. The subject: would SFV would be terrible? There was some “Daigo wouldn’t play it” going on. A little “it will be broken and nerfed” sprinkled in. I even saw “it just might flop.” Well…..lets fast-forward to the day that the good folks over at EVO dropped the game line-up for this year’s tournament. OH LOOK! Tekken 7: Fated Retribution! WOW! Marvel, a-damn-gain! Speaking of which, the love of UMvC3 is beyond me, but that’s a MadMonday for another day. Then…..the dagger in the chests of Street Fighter players, no Ultra. Yes, the good folks over at Evolution 2016 decided to axe Ultra Street Fighter 4 in lieu of Street Fighter V.

Well… let me tell you how twitter’s little corner of the fighting game community¬†imploded. People were swearing they won’t support streams. Tweets were flying claiming (the largest FG tournament on earth) EVO wouldn’t be supported by players who were angry about how broken SFV was. Gamers were raging about how they were not impressed with the beta (which, by definition is not the final project) and declaring that they may not be day one purchasers of the game.

My advice to you: Please get over it. Well, actually: Get the fuck over it. Why?

1- They do this in every edition of that damn game. You HATE it, then all of a sudden it’s the most beloved game ever.

2- I know you didn’t expect Capcom to help fund/sponsor a tournament, and not promote the new game. I know you didn’t. Capcom isn’t gonna make the same coinage off of little Billy in Arkansas buying a copy of USF4, as they would for the majority of easily swayed gamers picking up SFV after the tournament.

This next point is the most important point, in my opinion:

3- You’re gonna buy the game, and buy the stream links, and support Evo. So why whine about it?

There are times when I LOVE the camaraderie of the gaming community, and then, I hate gamers. You filthy McNasties.

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