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Hey everybody. Thanks for stopping by. We’ve got a new feature for you guys: MadMonday. What is it? Well, I’m glad you asked. MadMonday is a new offering, giving our readers the chance to be contributors along with us. MM is exactly what the headline implies: a place to get our random gamer rants out – and we’re not gonna limit it to our regular writers. No, if John Q. Gamer has something he/she wants to get off their chest, we’ll feature it in our next article. If you have something you want to fire off about, submit it to with the subject MadMonday, and your twitter handle or Facebook handle. Be ye warned: there will be little to no editing to your work, so when you send it, we’ll publish it as is….. even the stuff about us. So without further delay:



Capcom has been dangling this tasty tidbit in my face for the last few years or so. Believe it or not, the last installment, Dawn of Dreams, is now officially two generations old. Old enough, in fact, that we ought to at least have SOME sort of HD version. We got TWO HD versions of Final Fantasy X|X-2. TWO! NEVERMIND the fact that Sony and Capcom have partnered to bring us the Unreal 4 boosted Street Fighter V…..why can’t they partner for this? The next generation of gamers deserve this. It’s a critcally acclaimed series, but the final installment was released the same time as the PS3’s rollout so sales were dismal. However, Onimusha: Warlords, the first game in the series, sold 2 million copies worldwide. The actual push for the remakes of this series could be a potential cash grab for Capcom’s broke asses. WHY CAN’T I HAVE THIS? .

Capcom registered the trademark for Onimusha last December, prompting HD and new game rumors. Why hasn’t this been in development yet? Why not crowdfund? Don’t they know we love you, Samanosuke Akechi (although Jubei and the Black Oni were many flame emoji)? How can the game that “supposedly” inspired the gameplay for Devil May Cry NOT GET an HD port like Devil May Cry did? FIX IT JESUS. By Jesus, of course I mean Katsuhiro Harada and/or Hideo Kojima.

I never seen a group of cash-strapped people be as negligent of what people want as Capcom. GIVE ME THIS.

2 thoughts on “MadMonday: WHERE IS ONIMUSHA?

  1. Apparently one of the reasons behind the lack of onimusha is the fact that the characters were based on real people, so there’s some legal nonsense barring capcom from remaking the old games. In regards to why we haven’t had a sequel yet though, I’m just gonna chock that up to Capcoms head being lodged firmly between it’s buttcheeks.

    Hopefully the trademark registration in December results in an actual Onimusha sequel/remaster, but for now we’re gonna have to settle for ni-oh.

    • Ni-oh was actually referenced in a comment on our n4g post. now that you mention it, i do remember the actor for Samanosuke being REALLY popular and in a few movies with Zhang Ziyi. lol


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