#MadMonday: Give Them What They Want!!!

Is that too aggressive? Eh, don’t know or don’t care because I, along with other gamers, are getting fed up with game developers giving us things we didn’t ask for and ignoring what we desperately been begging for. From games to mechanics, we all wouldn’t mind forking over our hard-earned money to gaming companies’ creations if they just actually listen to us. Let me list some of these demands by companies.



Naughty Dog


We want Crash Bandicoot!!! Enough Said. I mean, there are possibilities that it may soon come due to certain teasers (anyone else see that surprise in Uncharted 4?), but this deserved to be on here seeing how a ton of hardcore, casual, out-of-touch, and returning gamers have been nostalgically asking for this one. Remember when that silhouette pic of Crash appeared on the Internet last month (the one above)? Sure, it was a April Fool’s prank, but that pic spread like wildfire with such excitement from everyone. I also understand that the reason we haven’t seen one was due to rights and all, but get back on the ball Naughty Dog!




Now Street Fighter V is a great Street Fighter that still needs some improvement (ahem, more content and stricter rage quit punishment), but there is another demand that’s been thrown at Capcom for a while longer than SFV’s existence. This demand isn’t even a fighting game. It’s MegaMan! These remakes of the old games are good, but we want something new in this day and age! Also Capcom, y’all got some nerve causing an uproar over Mighty No. 9 when y’all have been sitting on your butts throwing Street Fighter expansions and MegaMan remakes at us! Instead of getting mad, how about you get on the ball! In fact, what’s up with that MegaMan Legends sequel? Some could make the argument that they gave us the handheld games and Smash Bros cameo, but shut up! That’s not what we’re wanting!




Heh heh, yeah……. Some of you all know where this one is going as soon as you saw the company names. For those that don’t, well it’s simple: stop being greedy and let go of each other’s hands so the 2K company can actually give us a GREAT football game! Yeah, I’m talking about the NFL 2K series. For those that don’t know (and you should), NBA 2K wasn’t the only great sports game. In fact, the 2K sports games were some heavy hitters; ESPECIALLY with the NFL name. Not to knock basketball lovers/NBA2K fans but the NFL one was VERY fun from the game mechanics to the extras it offered. NFL 2K would’ve been great if NFLPA weren’t being big babies and let EA bought the licensing rights. Rumor has it that the NFLPA did this because they weren’t happy with the 2K company offering the game so cheap…. Guess that was a bigger deal than the former players who suffered from concu—




A lot of companies are guilty of this, but EA have been the main culprits of this with Capcom following behind: we demand that you give us the full version of the game up front & stop giving us most of it then charge us for the rest. Now I, and a lot of others, thought it was a cool idea to pay for extras with our own money. It actually was until the companies took advantage of this for the worst. My worst experience of this was playing EA’s Burnout Paradise. Fun game but my son and nephews wanted to play, too. When I tried to do this, not only did I discover that I had to pay for the DLC JUST TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER ON A RACING GAME, but it wasn’t even local play (multiplayer in your own home); it was online multiplayer only! STOP DOING THAT!!!




            KINGDOM. HEARTS. 3!!! Enough said. “But it’s coming out soon!” Is that right? I want you to tell me the release date…… Don’t worry, I’ll wait……. (this doesn’t count if you’re reading this article weeks/months later)….. Exactly! Although I’ve yet to play the KH series, I can understand the fans’ frustration of this game being promised to them over and over again. Square has been working on this for how long, again? Get with the program, guys! Oh, and the same thing can be applied to FF7; yes they told us it’s coming soon, but again how long has this been said?




Now this is just a small list of demands we’ve been begging for. I’m sure there are a lot more but these are just the ones that I could think of at the moment. I’ll probably think of some right after I posted this. Hey, you may know some, too! We at OCG are open to your Mad Monday writings so if you want to add a part 2 or 3 then go for it! I know I will!

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