MadMonday: Finish Your Damn Game! (featuring @CoreyBliss)

So here is our first reader submitted entry for MadMonday. Mr. Corey wasn’t exactly happy with Capcom’s decision to not include 8 player lobbies at launch. His anger didn’t stop there though. Let’s just see what he had to say. Here is his submission, unedited and in full. Yeah, I could have cleaned up the grammatical errors, but where’s the fun in that? Enjoy! If you want your rant featured in this weekly offering, just email us at and put MadMonday in the subject box. It’s that simple.

WHY IM MAD!?!?!?!?

See it’s not just Capcom but, they the most recent company to abide by this new age philosophy of “Hey!!!! Let’s Drop this game half ass and finish the rest later!!!!” With Street Fighter V.  I’m not upset that they’re dropping a game barebones, I’m upset that they could have waited just that extra month give or take and gave us a more full length project. We get half a story mode, capcom in game store not ready , 2 player online lobbies, no trials, and reports of PS3 peripheral lag. The best part is, Capcom has acknowledged all the issues saying they will be fixed with the march update of the game and the summer update of the full Cinematic story line. I appreciate everything they’ve done with all the beta test and plenty of opportunities to play the game but, another 3 weeks holding off won’t kill you to drop the game. Granted everything now revolves around the Capcom Pro Tour that starts in March. You want to give players enough time with the game (at least 1 month) so that way they can put on a great performance. But that’s a small group compared to the average gamer and fan experience. No matter what I think, I’ll still be at the midnight launch, buying my collectors edition. The one positive that has came from this Capcom rollout is that from what I’ve played a lot of the game early and I feel the game is pretty balanced and plays very well. Always have to end on the bright side no matter the salt because,…….you could always be a Tekken fan.

Sincerely Yours,


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