Gaming Resume: No Alias


Name: jrythegr8 on PSN

Age: 29

Experience:  +20  in the game (Get it?! I’m nice. [This is your mind being blown by that pun –> :-0 :-0 :-0])

Intro To Gaming: Galaga

Systems Currently Owned: PS3 & PS4  – [Soon a PC – after I finish selling my organs on the black market]

Strongest Genre: Fighters. Been competing for at least 5 years plus. Got a few local tournament wins under my belt. Favorite fighting game in history is The King of Fighters (KOF) XIII and I am ANXIOUSLY AWAITING The King of Fighters XIV.

Weakest Genre: First-Person Shooters. To this day, I STILL don’t understand why I’m terrible at them. One would think since being a good fighting game player requires proper planning and “ok” reactions, I would be at least decent at them. BUT, no :-(.

I do want to get my hands on Overwatch though – you see how great that game looks? Gracious.

All Time Fav System: PS1. I mean,  Brave Fencer Musashi and Final Fantasy 8 were released for this system. Need I say more?

Current Fav System: PS3 – I can’t let my her go, man.

Favorite Game: Final Fantasy 8

Code Check: You’re asking for a lot for me to remember a code from my head. I forgot what I ate this morning and that happened 30 mins ago.

Accomplishments (Gaming moments I am proud of.)

  • Winning a KOF13 qualifier tournament for free entry to critically-acclaimed fighting game tournament, Final Round.
  • Went to EVO and went 6-2 in KOF13 UNTIL I played Pikachu from CafeID (Who won)
  • Beating about 3 of the Yakuza games within the series (Those things take time, geez.)
  • [Insert here random gaming accomplishment I probably underappreciate/forgot about here].

Other Notes

  • Anime aficionado.
  • Squall apologist.
  • ISFP (Although I think this is only so true, I think I’m more ESFP)
  • Music sub-genre junkie (Let’s talk ChillWave, Vaporwave, and Grime sometime)
  • Lover of all things fighting games.
  • Hater of anxiety (#MentalHealthIsImportant)  and probably the most awkward-cool person you will meet in a while.


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