Woobewty: Gaming Resume

Hi everybody! Welcome back to the Ourcade! It’s been a while since our doors were open, but we’re primed and ready to bring you new content and features! And…me!

I’m glad for everyone who’s supported Ourcade Games (henceforth known as OCG, so lookout for merch soon 😉 ) but it’s time to get back at it. I’m glad to be contributing to the vision Shaun and G have for the site… so with no further ado, here’s my gaming resume!

Name: woobewty on PSN, cookinboogie on the blog, rahhjinbuu on teh twitterz, aka, Rahhleesi, mother of Gamers.

Age: 31

Experience: 20+ Years

Intro To Gaming: Ms. Pac Man (arcade cabinet)

Systems Currently Owned: PS3, Wii, WiiU

Strongest Genre: Fighters. There really isn’t been a fighter I’ve never been good at. Well only one, and that’s BlazBlue…..and I really put that down. I stan for Katsuhiro Harada and the Namco franchise Tekken and I ANXIOUSLY AWAIT what will be Tekken vs Street Fighter.

Weakest Genre: First-Person Shooters. If it’s a third-person shooter, I’ll be mildly competent at it. FPS, I just can’t do. I’ve talked about this on a ‘CadeCast before, I’m actually the person that falls victim to pattern induced nausea. And EVERY single FPS I’ve tried, I’ve had this issue, so of course, I’m terrible at them. I’m so glad Bethesda makes first person games with a third person option. I can’t imagine missing Fallout…..or gasp…..SKYRIM…..because my brain malfunctions. Smh.

All Time Fav System: N64. Got to do it. Just for OOT. And if you don’t know what OOT is then I can’t help you.

Current Fav System: PS4

Favorite Game: Skyrim, the mightiest the almighty could muster.

Code Check (Codes I know off top of my head).

Oddly enough….. I’m not too cool on codes… does that make me a square? I do remember the contra code, MK Codes, and GTA3 weapon and health codes… but I need someone to start them so I can finish them.

Accomplishments (Gaming moments I am proud of.)

Beating Ultima Weapon in the fiend arena of FFX (also, dodging all 200 lightning bolts in the Thunder Plains)

Scoring my first Tournament win in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at Texas Showdown in 2014

Getting the platinum for my first co-op game, Mercenary Kings with Jerz

Getting the platinum trophy for the best game ever: Skyrim

Other Notes

Easy going gal. I do get heated when I encounter a troll, though.

My obsession with getting the plats for games started when I met a man who was obsessed with it.

I don’t judge people for their gaming preferences, HOWEVER, I don’t take people seriously who hold things like Madden in high esteem.

TL;DR: Just a gal who likes fighters and RPGs on the side…..even though RPGs are life. Raising up a second-generation gaming son….. it’s all good. All men must game.

2 thoughts on “Woobewty: Gaming Resume

  1. Bwahaha same on Madden and NCAA games. I worked at a Gamestop in college and judged the heck out of dudes who questioned my gamer cred while paying for a fist full of those…

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