UPDATED! Street Fighter V Launch Tourney


2752153-sfHi everybody. So here’s the deal. We really want everybody who wants to play be able to play. So to circumvent (even in the smallest way) any scheduling issues, We would like to know when you’re available Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We intend for a round of 16 Thursday, Round of 8 Friday or Saturday, Final Four and Finals Saturday. We want to be able to stream and show every match, so let us know what you can and can’t do. Just @ me (rahhjinbuu) or Jerz (JerzeeBalla) on twitter with your availability. If you think it would be easier to knock out this weekend, please let us know. Due to Capcom not having ready lobbies, one of the two competitors in each match will have to stream your game.

Rules are extremely simple: Since this is a free/friendly tournament, . It will be best 3 matches out of 5 (first to 3), so matches will be quick. double elimination. Character changes are allowed.

See you tomorrow. The post and every other post will be updated with the bracket links. only your twitter handle will be put on the bracket, just to keep randoms from adding/following you on CFN/PSN.



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