Ourcade Games: The Division Giveaway

Who wants The Division for free? You do! At least I would think so. Well, we’re here to help one of you out. Here is what you need to do for us.

All we are asking you to do is follow us. That’s it. Click the images to follow us on IG, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and some twitch accounts.




or follow the blog itself here at Ourcadegames.com.

But wait! There’s more! For each social media account you follow, you’ll be entered. So you can enter up to 7 times in total! It’s really that simple. The winner will be picked at random, and although there’s really nothing stopping you from unfollowing after the giveaway, I would ask that you don’t. That would be mean, and the gaming gods will treat you unfavorably.

So there you go. You can enter at anytime prior to the Monday before launch (March 7, 2016) so don’t feel rushed. I’ll be reminding you all of the giveaway many times between now and then. On the 7th the winner will be announced, and I will give them 60 dollars in credit for their console of choice (or PC) to purchase a digital copy of the game. So go follow us, and good luck!



Congrats to our twitter follower, @MindOfMrCole for winning this contest! Enjoy!

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