Ourcade Games Podcast Episode 1

OurCast? Nah. Terrible name. Forget that happened.

Anyway, here it is. Ourcade Games first podcast. Me and Real talked a little about our respective PS4 experiences so far. We also chimed in on the graphics debate this gen as compared to last gen, and the indie gaming arms race. We are working to find a few ways to get these podcasts to you, so we apologize for any inconvenience as far as having to download.

Disclaimer…..We had some difficulties with recording. Due to this, there may be a few spots where the audio is a tad jumbled. There was a lot of editing done to try and fix this, and most of it was indeed fixed. However, we couldn’t catch everything. We’re very sorry, but it’s a learning experience. Improvement is always the goal here, and we promise to do just that. With that said, we welcome and NEED any and all feedback. We just want to improve for you guys, so let us have it. Tough love is the best love. Well, just don’t tell me I sound funny. That will hurt my feelings. Ok everyone, here you go. Download the podcast with the link. See you Monday!

E1: Indie Gaming, Our PS4 Experience, and the Importance of Graphical Fidelity

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