Happy Game-other’s Day!

Gaming mothers…..we salute you.


@Kenikickit: Gaming Resume

Honestly, I think every job should require a gaming resume. Name: Ken, @kenikickit on Twitter, kenikickit08 on PSN Age: 25 Experience: 20 years Intro To Gaming: Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt on the NES (back when they were on one cartridge) Systems Currently Owned: PS4, PS3, Sega Dreamcast (although my cousin a dog chewed through the cords), two Nintendo…

Sega Genesis: First Urban Console? (Part 3)

Those of you who read the first two parts of this series may notice I changed the title. I realized while preparing this piece that urban more accurately described what I meant than hip hop. The title change doesn’t alter any of my previous thoughts, it just describes them better. So…..yeah. This time around, I…