It’s The Return of the (Cade) Gangsta…..

*Walks up to podium, adjusts mic*

It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you.

To those who don’t know me, my name is Tashaun Brown. I’m also known as JerzeeBalla, and to a lesser extent I go by ChronoJerz. Video games are, well, my thing. But if you’re here you more than likely know that. I’ve always dreamed of sharing that love, that passion, with the world. My problem has always been I don’t know how. News flash, I still don’t. But what I do know is the WORST way to do that is to not do anything. That’s a weird sentence.

Anyway, for those who remember what this place was like before, please don’t expect that. A lot has changed in the past couple of years, and I just can’t sustain the level of posting I was doing before. I have a new job, I live with my lady again, and we are expecting a child on my freaking birthday. However, I never wanted to close the doors of the Ourcade, and I have done my best to keep the name ringing while I was away. So let’s talk about my new plan.

My vision was always to use the Ourcade as a hub of sorts. I have a bunch of wonderful friends I met through gaming (shout out the Cade Gang) and I always wanted the world to know how dope we were. Not necessarily just in the gaming space, but in general. So I wanted a place for us to share our gifts as a collective. Anything we may write. Draw. Any videos we make. A podcast where we talk shit. All Cade Gang, all the time. We spend so much time together as a collective and so much great stuff happens. We want to share that with you, and I wanted to be the vehicle for that.

We initially started this blog with that goal in mind. We tried to start with writing. I won’t say it was a failure, because I don’t believe that. I will say I personally tried to do too much and it backfired. It was very hard to keep new content up in a timely fashion, and most of the writers who joined had the same issue. Over time, posts slowed and slowed until I was the last man standing. Eventually, I had to abandon ship with plans to return.

This time around, I want to do things the right way. So here’s the plan. I have recently found out that I was qualified to be a Twitch affiliate, which was a shock to me. So I’m going to put my focus into that at this moment. A couple other members are doing the same. So I just want to use this blog to push whatever efforts we have going on. I do plan in the VERY near future to revive the podcast. I think it will be much easier to make now. I will probably still write from time to time, although I may just opt to do video blogs instead and post them here. But you get the point. Whatever we have going on, this will be your one stop shop to find it. It’s never been about me. It’s about the gang. I want us all to shine, and I’m going to use the Ourcade to make it happen.

So before I go, I’ll just tell you (or remind you) where to find us. These names are part of the crew, I’ll be reintroducing everyone in a future post. Or not, who knows lol.


  • @JerzeeBalla (I remade this account so if you used to follow me, check if you still do.)
  • @rahhjinbuu (First lady of the Ourcade, and my future wife. Tekken enthusiast.)
  • @peagle05 (Resident comic expert, also creating his own comic as I type!)
  • @unclesamsreject (My lil bro from another mother. Currently on Youtube doing sports videos with a rapidly growing following.
  • @chozen1278 (Resident grumpy guy lol. Huge Division fan.)
  • @ChillStatus337 (My guy Hitman. Literally. He used to kill people for the government. I have him at my disposal, so leave me alone. Good at every video game too. ALL OF THEM.)
  • @_TheSalesman (My teacher homie, teaching tomorrow’s leaders while patiently waiting for the Division 2.)
  • @Smooth_Orator (Ugliest dude I know, my gameshare partner, and Division enthusiast as well.)
  • @flawedfacade (Resident legal aid for the gang. Brings the comic relief with her silly ass. Generally brightens up the party in that annoying little sister type of way.)
  • @King_David_951 (My singing buddy. Always comes through with the silky vocals. PvP enthusiast.
  • @CadeGangReborn (The twitter account for Ourcade. You can find clips there, as well as notifications when I go live on Twitch. I post there from time to time as well, and I will do it more often.)


  • (Me!)
  • (Babe!)
  • (Choze!)

Ok, I’ve said enough. I’ll see you very soon. Thank you for sticking around.

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