NBA 2K16 video: Could any of the two greatest Olympic teams go 82-0?




With the 2016 Rio Olympic team trouncing Serbia for gold, I was just thinking back to the debate of which Olympic team was the greatest ever. The 92 ‘Dream Team’, or the 2012 USA Squad. Many have debated. But most of it is based off of opinions and more of it is based off who you have watched actually play. Although we will NEVER see the two highly talented teams square off, I took to NBA 2K16 to at least give us an idea of how great these 2 teams were. One being the first Olympic team ever allowed to showcase NBA talent. The other a team highly favored to repeat and  even better than the 2008 Olympic champs with five players returning from that team, adding another 5 from the 2010 FIBA Championship team. 10 of the 12 players on the ’92 squad are on the NBAs 50 greatest player list. The 2012 squad beat opponents by an average of 32 points, with their highest point total reaching 156… Yes you read it right, 156-73 win against Nigeria. So the Philadelphia 76ers feature the 1992 Olympic team and the 2012 team became the Los Angles Clippers. Both teams finished the tournament with a flawless 8-0 record. So that lead me to wonder….. Could either team go undefeated in a full 82 games schedule?! LETS FIND OUT!!!!



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