Buying Guide: July 2016

Hey everyone. The summer is usually quiet on the gaming front, so expect a lean month or 2 before we hit fall season. Let’s take a peek at what July does have to offer.

July 1 – July 11

Ethan: Meteor Hunter (July 1 for XB1) – Platformer fans rejoice! This unique looking title mixes the precise platforming of Super Meat Boy with Braid’s time manipulation mechanic to give gamers some truly mind bending puzzles. Solve the puzzles however you see fit, and celebrate accordingly.


Rocket League Collector’s Edition (July 5 for PS4, XB1) – Rocket League took gaming by storm, and the Collector’s Edition is coming back around to collect those who missed the train. It will include all of the released DLC, as well as 4 cars that aren’t currently available on the digital version of the game.


  • The Banner Saga 2 (July 1 for XB1, July 5 for PS4)
  • Lost Sea (July 5 for PC, PS4, XB1)
  • Furi (July 5 for PS4, PC)
  • Lumo (July 5 for Vita)
  • Dex (July 8 for PS4, XB1)
  • Carmageddon: Max Damage (July 8 for PS4, XB1)


July 12 – July 18

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (July 12 for PC, PS4, XB1) – This game will follow the events of this summer’s movie reboot, bringing 4 player isometric action to the forefront. Each character will have unique abilities, and you’ll be able to level up as you capture ghosts.


Song of the Deep (July 12 for PC, PS4, XB1) – Insomniac’s latest is a stark departure from what we may be used to. Don’t let the graphics fool you though, this promises to be more than a bite sized adventure. Help Merryn save her father while seeing what lurks beneath the sea.


  • Tumblestone (July 12 for Linux, Mac, PC, PS4, WiiU, July 16th for XB1)
  • 7th Dragon III Code: VFD (July 12 3DS)
  • Moon Hunters (July 12 for PS4
  • Assault Suit Leynos (July 12 for PS4)
  • Kyub (July 14 for XB1)
  • Monster Hunter Generations (July 15 for 3DS)
  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered (July 18 for PS4)


July 19 – July 25

I am Setsuna (July 19 for PC, PS4) – Chrono Trigger. Those 2 words evoke so many emotions for me (Jerz) when I hear them. Well, when this game was announced, I heard them. “A spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger…..” was all it took for me to be all in. So, I’m all in. Enough said. Thank you JRPG gods.


Kill Strain (July 19 for PS4) – This free-to-play title seems like it has been in the works forever. The unique 5 versus 2 versus 5 gameplay seems to be the hook. Team based gameplay will earn you more points, and the humans vs mutants dynamic seems fun.


ARK, Survival of the Fittest (July 19 for PS4) – The gaming world’s first ever M.O.S.A (Multiplayer Online Survival Arena) is almost here. 72 combatants enter. 1 tribe survives. This spin-off of ARK: Survival Evolved is positioning itself to be the next big thing in eSports.


  • Neverwinter (July 19 for PS4)
  • 10 Second Ninja X (July 19 for PC, PS4, PSVita, XB1)


July 26-July 31

  • Super Dungeon Bros (July 26 for PS, PS4, XB1)
  • Livelock (July 26 for XB1)
  • Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force (PS4)
  • Shiren the Wanderer The Tower of Fortune and Dice of Fate (July 26 for PS Vita)


Loot Crate

Games With Gold

XBox One is offering The Banner Saga 2 all month, while Tumblestone will be available from July 16 through August 15. The 360 is offering Rainbow Six Vegas 2 from July 1 through July 15, while TRON: Evolution will be available from June 16 through July 31.

PS Plus

The PS4 offers Furi and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell this month. As a bonus, Plus members can play Paragon before it hits open beta on August 16. PS3 owners can play Call of Jaurez: Bound in Blood and Fat Princess. Vita owners can play Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, and Prince of Persia: Revelation.


Staff Picks of the Month

BANG UP JOB LAST MONTH!!!!! Seriously, we picked horribly. Let’s try again.

Game of the Month

  • Jerz – I am Setsuna
  • Peagle – I am Setsuna
  • Norm – ARK: Survival of the Fittest
  • Jern – I am Setsuna
  • Ken – The Banner Saga 2
  • Robyn – I am Setsuna


Sleeper Pick of the Month

  • Jerz – Ethan: Meteor Hunter
  • Peagle – ARK: Survival of the Fittest
  • Norm – I am Setsuna
  • Jern – Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force
  • Ken – Furi
  • Robyn – Super Dungeon Bros


There you go gamers. Not a TON to get excited about, although I’m super geeked about Setsuna. Hopefully you can find something to tide you over. Happy gaming!

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