2K17 Ultimate Wish list




With the recent news that Paul George and Kobe are the cover athletes for this year’s edition of 2K17 (Kobe is gracing the Legend Edition), I felt that this was an appropriate time to begin discussing what it is I want in this new installment of the series. 2K has become one of the greatest sports franchises EVER to exist. With that being said, I think that it is time for them to take the next step. What do I mean by that? There are a bunch of little things they can do to push things to the limit.

First things first. I’m the realest. In all seriousness, I would like to see MYCareer become a little more interactive. Don’t get me wrong. This year did a good job chronicling the drama that comes with high school phenoms going through the ups and downs of their college career. It just seems like they are getting away from so many of the things that have made MYCareer so great in years past. What happened to the post game press conferences where you could rant and team chemistry would fall, but your fan base would go up? What happened to being able talk to other players after the game, or talking to your agent? I know this stuff was present this year as well, but mostly early on in the mode. All sports games have the tendency to add so many great things while taking out things in the process. None of them really seem to add on and build. Now I get that this may make a game a 100GB download, so I guess I will give them a pass. So here is my wishlist for this year’s game.

1) After college there should be combine drills, workouts, and interviews. Team interviews like they had in years past would be nice. While I’m being greedy, how about some individual team workouts? Let us feel what it is really like for a player going thru that process after college. Having the option to return to school would be great, although most would probably decline. I also say bring back the D-League and maybe even add overseas options for your pro career. We should really know what feels like if we underachieve.

2) I would love to see our MYPlayer have a chance to represent their country in the FIBA Championships or Olympics. I think adding that dynamic to the game would be fun in both MYCareer and regular exhibition games against friends. With the Olympics coming up, I think it would be easy to add accurate international rosters onto the game. FIFA already has this dynamic in its games, and it works. So it is not impossible.

3) It is about that time for ejections to enter the mix, whether it be a flagrant 2, or being able to argue with the ref. I am not even asking for an argument button. I think with every player having a personality and tendencies that it would be more on the AI when this happens. I’ll admit it would suck to be ejected through no fault of your own, so this one may be a reach. However, MVP baseball had something like this years ago. The manager or player would engage on their own, then you would have to quickly decide to press the issue or let it ride. Now if it were up to me, my player would be a modern day Sheed. BALL DONT LIE!


4) I think the players should have a little more personality. 2K is so stiff when a player dunks on a person(s). If I dunk on someone with Westbrook, or hit a big shot with Curry, or send a shot into the 3rd row with Deandre, I want to feel like they are excited. Where are all the stare downs and taunts that we see in today’s NBA?


This is not your grandfather’s NBA. This is an NBA filled with cocky and arrogant millennials that lack humble bones in their bodies. 2K needs to embrace this, because many fans are exactly the same.

5) We all buy clothing, sneakers, and accessories for the Park and game days, but the inventory system is so cluttered and time consuming. Instead of having to go through every pair of Jordan’s and Nikes to see what I own, why not be able to just have a centralized closet with everything that I have already purchased? This is a quick and effective way to get my gear together efficiently.

6) NEW BODY TYPES! There is no way my 7’0/240, PF should look similar to my 6’1/180, PG. C’MON SHUN. I feel this is something that has to be addressed. 2K gets enough passes on other things, but this has begun to cross the line. No excuses on this one.

7) New haircuts. Being able to design your haircut, or enter text such as your name or area code on the side would be awesome! If you could possibly upload images to throw in there, even better. I know this one is sticky because of people’s penchant to push the limits of decency. I just hate how NBA players in the game can have a haircut, but us as created characters are not able to rock the same.

8) Take away the force field around the sideline and baseline. This is simulation basketball. When I go to the gym I’m not hitting an invisible wall, and neither are those playing in the NBA. If that was the case, maybe the Phoenix Suns would have a title. I’m juuuuuust saying. Shout out to Steve Nash’s broken nose.

9) Why not have a “Kobe Moments” type of mode similar to MJ in 2K11? This would be a great addition for fans to really appreciate some of his accomplishments that we may have taken for granted. Kobe has had a lot of great moments, and ruined a lot of lives (Do not insert Colorado joke here). Why not embrace his career and give the people a chance to relive greatness? I personally would not mind replaying some of those epic battles against the Blazers and Kings. And who wouldn’t want to recreate 81? Hell, even his final game was a fantastic moment.

10) Finally. FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY. IF UNICORNS AND LEPRECHAUNS REALLY DO EXIST. I am begging you sweet, sweet teenage Jesus, Allah and Mohammed….. PLEASE…. FIX…. YOUR…. SERVERS!!!! We know 2K is all but guaranteed to have inoperable servers on release day, and many days after that. You know how much people play your game, and you know what numbers to expect. Yet you continuously spit in our faces. I almost never play online quick games because playing 2K online is like a brand new version of the game. The lag is so horrible that every player’s shot automatically changes. Defense becomes pointless, and you kind of have to hope your opponent just misses. Games become pretty boring when you and you opponent can’t shoot and you know you can just stack the paint and wait. This is probably EVERY 2K player on the face of this earth’s biggest wish. I swear sometimes I am willing to sacrifice my left pinky for this cause. The most wild part to me is the servers for the Park work great in comparison! So we can see it’s possible.


For the record, these are in no particular order. These are just the things that myself and others in the community would really like to see. When we feel like franchises stop trying, it can be frustrating. For years 2K was trying to catch up NBA Live. Ever since they surpassed them, 2K has kind of just been Bickin’ Back Bein’ Bool. “Make 2K great again”. I think this may catch on. I mean hell, it worked for Trump, so it can work for Reject. Get them shots up ballers.






2 thoughts on “2K17 Ultimate Wish list

  1. 1. FIX the jerseys. Brooklyn has Celevland’s number font. LAZY! The jerseys look terrible, the numbers look SMALL cmon 2k smh

    2. NBA Live face scans (those that look good, look GREAT) add some texture to the face on 2k and fix the eyes on your models.

    3. THE GAME IS SLOW!!!! i played NBA2k and I LOVE IT. I miss that experience, it was exciting. its takes so long to inbound the ball after the apposing team scores….Zzzzzz

    4. If LIVE improved its glitches id switch in a heart beat, There presentation looks BEAUTIFUL, 2k interface doesnt feel like live TV.

    5 DISABLE players to play OFF the ball on defense. THATS annoying. Make them automatically switch to guard the player with the ball

    6 halftime show sucks….no one cares

    7 An find a way to eliminate players online to press start as a way to troll. I like what madden does…each user has 3 pauses.

    None of this should be difficult to do…

    btw i dont like the new NBA 2k logo, the early 2k style was better….sega sports man, i wish they stuck around

    • The face scan is something that totally blanked out of my head when writing this. I was just kicking myself when I sat back and thought about it. Live made it too simple, use your phone, upload, takes like 10 minutes. The gameplay is buggy during inbounds and often ignored. People give 2K so many passes it is ridiculous.

      I definitely agree on Live and their presentation, in My 2K vs Live article I talk abut how close Live is to 2k and how 2K better step it up. Halftime show doesn’t even work at times as far as highlights. I disagree with the off ball defense, only because sometimes when a shooter keeps getting open or a big is really dominating, I try to really deny them the ball. None if this stuff should be too difficult to do, but of course they need to be willing. They have been king of the hill for so long, that they have become lazy. If anything I hope that Live at least pushes 2K to the limit.

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