Gaming Resume: UncleSamsReject

Name: UncleSamsReject

Gamertags: PSN: JTHOMP22 – Live: UncleSamsReject

Age: 26

Experience: 22 Years

Intro to Gaming: Super Mario Bros was my first game.

Systems Currently Owned: PS4, XB1

Strongest Genre: Sports, FPS.

Weakest Genre: Adventure/ RPG games. If I get stuck on a part of a game, I will either…..

  1. Stop playing so long that I forget I have the game.
  2. Trade it in. I have been better with avoiding this option though. My pride won’t allow me to go on YouTube and watch a walkthrough. If every game was like Dying Light, with a multiplayer campaign, then I would finish them all.

All Time Fav System: PS2. Mom told me she couldn’t afford it and that I would have to just deal with it. (Greatest Christmas surprise ever!)

Current Fav System: PS4

Favorite Game: MLB The Show (Every… Single… One…)

Code Check (Codes I know off top of my head)

  1. R2, R2, L1, R2, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN.

I will stop here, because they are all for GTA 3 or San Andreas lmao.

Accomplishments (Gaming moments I am proud of)

  1. Beating Heavy Rain in one sitting. 9am – 5pm. Jerz was sick.
  2. Beating San Andreas.
  3. Beating MGS3: Snake Eater. (The most stressful game of my childhood)
  4. Getting the very last PS4 on release night. (Just got back from Korea and forgot about it. Called and the guy said…. “You have just secured the last ticket.”)
  5. Breaking Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hit streak MLB The Show 10 on legend.
  6. Playing all 162 Games in MLB The Show.
  7. First ever COD Prestige on COD4.
  8. Winning a live 8 man Battle Royal on WWE Smackdown. (Old school, with one tv and multiplayer adapter)
  9. Making it to the National Championship Game in our NCAA Football online dynasty my first year with beating a person 63-0 in that same NCAA Football league. (Editor’s Note: That person was Garfield LOLOLOLOLOLOL)

Other Notes

I’m really glad I have expanded my genre selection this gen. I’m playing games I never thought I would. If enough of my friends get a game I know I will hate and it has multiplayer or co-op, I will buy it anyway (Hello Destiny). NBA Live is not as far behind 2k as most people think. A lot of genres don’t sit well with me. Not because they suck or the games are bad. I am just not into fiction or intergalactic warfare. I am boring, I like documentaries and history. I’m horrible at fighters (Can’t remember a combo to save my life. The ones I do get stopped because that is all that know). I have a new found love for video editing. I plan to create a few series for people to follow. If a sports game has a type of career mode, I plan to show it to the people. MLB The Show is the greatest sports franchise there is. And it’s not even close. Heavy Rain and Until Dawn, to me, are two of the greatest games ever. In the grand scheme of things, I will play any video game once, especially with Gamefly. Video games are a major part of who I am. Some people will never understand, and I will never understand why they still live with their momma. Even trade? I think so. Holla at me.

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