A not so #MadMonday: Happy Birthday @JerzeeBalla

Birthday cake

Happy Birthday, ChronoJerz!

The Ourcade Team has come together to wish one of our very own a happy birthday! Take a look!

IMG_4764Ken – Why I already Hate Jerz: When I first decided I wanted to write for Ourcade, it was because I believed in what they stood for. I don’t think there are too many people who believe in it, or who love it, more than Jerz. He’s written some of the most heartfelt pieces on the site, and he’s one of the biggest contributors to it’s content. When the people who helped build something show such compassion for it, it really makes you want to put your all into helping to make it great. Thanks for that, Jerz.


IMG_4759Doug – Happy Birthday Jerz! Thanks for bringing me on the team. Thanks for the constructive banter about games on the Twitter, since everyone hates everyone there. Thanks for stepping up for the dads of gaming. Most of all, thanks for allowing me to be part of your vision.


IMG_4760Jern – Jerz slick be having folks go crazy over his opinions on games (even get me sometimes, lol), but I love how he’s so passionate about gaming on a level I’ve never seen. Even though we have differing opinions, he’s willing to actually discuss games and I respect that about him. He loves all different types of games despite some not being so popular and I love that about him.


IMG_4765Jaire – I’ve known Shaun nearly all my life and he is one of the smartest people I have ever met. I haven’t been on the site long but I do know I’m grateful for him giving me a shot. I know he is putting a lot of effort into Ourcade Games and I appreciate every bit. Happy birthday cuzzo. Hope it’s a good one. Keep up the hard work, we all need you.


IMG_4763Ravij – Happy birthday, bro! It’s amazing to see the eclectic groups of individuals brought together through your work with Ourcade Games. While I always loved video games, it became harder to justify it to people in my life as I grew older. After finding Ourcade Games, I realized there are plenty of people who share the same feeling.


IMG_4761Peagle – To the leader of the CadeGang AKA Jerz, who brought me into the Ourcade when it was just him and G, I cannot thank you enough for that. The work you’ve put into this, giving us all a platform to write about something we love, has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Here’s to the further expansion and future success of the Ourcade. Happy Birthday.


IMG_4762G – Ourcade Games couldn’t have survived with you. It started out as a two man operation but you went all Russell Westbrook on me. I’m proud to call you my brother, my co-founder, but most importantly, my friend. Happy birthday, man. Knock em dead at Evo!


IMG_3862 (2)Robyn – It seems like the Ourcade has always been a part of who you and I are. Even though we’re not together, and you created the Ourcade with G, I feel like this is our baby. All of these people came together to tell you how important the Ourcade is to them, and how much what you’ve done means to them. You are applauded, lauded, and I can’t commend you enough for the work that you’ve done, are doing, and will do. I love you, co-op partner. No matter what, I’ll always be your player 2.

Wish Jerz a Happy Birthday @JerzeeBalla, and if you really want to give him a gift, you can support OurcadeGames.com by buying our latest shirt design, Cade of Thrones: #ValarMorGAMEis, All Men Must Game.

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