#MadMonday: Shut up. You’re Spoiled.


Dark Souls III dropped this week. Also dropping with it? My tolerance level for the whiny gamers who want the game to be “easier”. Think-pieces abound: the game is too hard, it should be more fun, people asking FromSoftware to make the game more playable, i.e., they’re complaining because they keep dying a lot. This is the consequence of the putrid atmosphere that developers have cultivated and ‘gamers’ have grown accustomed to. You are spoiled. YOU. Yes, you, John Q. Gamer. It’s not just Dark Souls, either.

First of all, let me start with the game in question. Souls games, both Dark and Demon, have BEEN hard. I almost want to give people new to the franchise a pass. Forget that. You should KNOW by now. The Souls series is over 7 years deep. Why don’t you know by now? I have NEVER played any of these games. Ever. Yet, I still know these games are rage-inducing time-sinks. Somehow, that interesting little factoid missed legions of “gamers” who are using their tear-stained hands to reach out to developers and beg them to nerf an entire franchise. It’s annoying.

People who play  video games have grown accustomed to check-point games. Gone are the days where dying anywhere in the level meant you started from the beginning. Hell, gone are the days that the best you were going to get was a halfway point marker. Folks are respawning seconds away from where they died. Repeatedly, too. Because there are no lives. You don’t accumulate 1-ups to lose during your journey. There is no “Game Over” when all those lives are gone. No, you have infinite tries at mediocrity. Souls games ARE hard. Also, another tasty little tidbit, you suck at playing video games because you’ve hardly had to try.


I have to go. My eyes have been rolling so hard at the people complaining I’m afraid they may get stuck that way.

One thought on “#MadMonday: Shut up. You’re Spoiled.

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