@Kenikickit: Gaming Resume

Honestly, I think every job should require a gaming resume.

Name: Ken, @kenikickit on Twitter, kenikickit08 on PSN

Age: 25

Experience: 20 years

Intro To Gaming: Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt on the NES (back when they were on one cartridge)

Systems Currently Owned: PS4, PS3, Sega Dreamcast (although my cousin a dog chewed through the cords), two Nintendo 64s for whatever reason. Owned a Wii U and a 3DS, will likely be replacing both soon.

Strongest Genre: Honestly, 2D platformers. That was my introduction after all.

Weakest Genre: Probably fighting games. I love playing them, I just can’t seem to get good at them.

All Time Fav System: It’s probably a tie between PS2 and the Super Nintendo. those two consoles have the best libraries in gaming history, in my opinion.

Current Fav System: My PS4 gets the most love.

Favorite Game: the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Yes, over OoT. The dark tone of the game is perfect for Zelda, and the sheer number of sidequests and things to do turn what should have been a shallow sequel (only four damn dungeons) into a crazily immersive experience. (Honorary mention to Final Fantasy VII. Because Final Fantasy VII.)

Code Check: If you hand me a controller, I’m confident I can get you any weapons or vehicles your heart desires just off of sheer muscle memory. I also know the Contra code, the flute cheat from Super Mario Bros 3, and the Rare Candy duplicate cheat from Pokemon Red/Blue.

Accomplishments (Gaming moments you are proud of.):

  • Beating Demon’s Souls.
  • Beating Dark Souls.
  • Beating Dark Souls 2.
  • Beating Bloodborne.
  • Owning a Virtual Boy, along with the only two good games on the Virtual Boy (Mario Tennis and Wario Land).
  • Collecting every mask in Majora’s Mask.
  • 100% completion of Crash Bandicoot 2 (shut up, this was really hard for me at the time and I don’t have a lot of these).

Other Notes

  • I’m really big into indie gaming. The triple-A titles are cool, but it’s the Super Meat Boys and Cave Storys of the world that I love the most.
  • I’m more of a single player guy, but I’m always willing to give anything multiplayer a shot. Results may vary.
  • My taste in Final Fantasy games is… complex. My favorite is VII because it was my first and it changed my perspective on gaming. The best one, in my opinion, is IX. Play it. The one I was most hype for was X BY FAR, and it will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Never got into Madden. I love football and all, just never really played it. Casual 2K player.


I’m just a chill guy who has a passion for all things gaming. Nice to meet you, too.

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