#MadMonday: Let me make what EYE want!

image4Look. I’m not very good at games with shooting mechanics. I’m slow, I miss my target a lot, and I can’t free aim worth shit. I’ve gotten considerably better from playing The Order and Fallout 4. The fact remains, though, that I’m sorely lacking in the skill-sets required to be good at games that may not be shooters, but have guns in them.

image3 (2)

My baby. Always favorited.


My second baby. Look at that damage. *blows kisses*

Fallout 4 has plenty of guns. Not only guns, but modifications of said guns. The problem? A lot of them aren’t worth a damn. Some of the best guns and apparel come from Legendary Drops. The problem? They give you trash like Legendary Pool Cues and Legendary Boxing Gloves.

image2 (3)

the fuck is this shit?


yes, let me melee something with a 24 damage, where damage will increase but I’ll die first.

Now, I have played the holy grail of Bethesda games…..The-Game-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, and one of the more appealing points is the ability to craft and enchant weapons and armor. Anything you can get as a drop, you can craft. Fallout won’t fucking give me that. No armor, but more important to me, no weapons. I would like to craft a Troubleshooter’s Assault Rifle that would grant me 50% damage against robots. Or an Exterminator’s Shotgun that would allow me to do 50% more damage against mirelurks and bugs. BUT, Bethesda gives less than a fuck about me and me feelings, and even on survival mode they decide to keep RNGing me to death with damned legendary rolling pins. WHY CAN’T I CRAFT WHAT I WANT! I grind, I deserve this. I mean. I GRIND. I have platinum-ed this game, and STILL, I GRIND.

image2 (1)

No, really, the fuck is this for?

To make matters fucking worse (as if I needed it) with the release of the DLC, Automatron, you can now craft a whole damn robot. A fully functioning, tearing shit up ass robot. But you can’t make one damned gun. Not even a 10mm. YOU CAN’T EVEN MAKE PIPE PISTOLS AND ITS LITERALLY JUST FUCKING PIPES. EVERYBODY HAS THOSE SHITS. Like seriously. WHY. WHY?!

*throws controller*


At least my “kid” made me something worth a damn. Wazer Wifle. *chuckles* Oh, kids.

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