#TwitchTuesday: @TimAintCool


Name: @TimAintCool/@RoninOTS

Current consoles: PS4 – RestlessRonin – Xbox One in the Fall – LovelessRonin

Main Games – Street Fighter V, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Black Ops III, Resident Evil Revelations: 2, Fallout 4 (when the DLC drops)

Will be streaming: Dragon Age: Inquisition once I’m ready to go back to a fully fledged RPG. The Witcher filled that gap pretty well.

Games he’s looking forward to: Gears of War 4, whatever Battlefield game has been announced, Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn


His Twitch Philosophy: ENJOY YOURSELF. I treat Twitch like I would friends/family sitting in the same room as me. We enjoy the gameplay and let a couple of comments/jokes fly. You don’t have to be super extra for your viewing audience. Be yourself and be confident in that. When I first started streaming, honestly, I was nervous. I wanted to play ‘perfectly’ because I knew people were watching….but at the end of the day, they’re PEOPLE just like you and I. Get comfortable, relax, and enjoy yourself.

His Viewing philosophy:  I like to watch streamers who are interactive with their audience and dedicated to their gameplay. I try to support all friends who take the time out to stream and share themselves with an unknown audience. You don’t have to be perfect but have fun and it creates a good vibe. People will WANT to come to your streams if they see you having fun, making progress, and enjoying a great game they may have also played.



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