#MadMonday: Sorting Through The Division

So it’s Monday again, which means someone is mad. And this week it’s me. So let’s start with this. The Division is a very fun game that feels like it was made for me. It’s a very great marriage between shooter and RPG, and I feel it has just enough of both to attract fans of both genres. I wondered after games such as NBA2K and Destiny if the industry was headed towards “RPGifiying” other genres to create new hybrid genres. If The Division is the latest test case, we may be headed that way. This is the part where you say “but Jerz, I thought you were mad bruh.” Well, I am mad for one reason. I’ll admit it is a very silly one, and it doesn’t ruin the game in any way. But I’m pissed anyway, and anyone who has played with me will tell you I bitch about this all the time. So Ubisoft, step into my god damn office.

Hey Ubi. I have one question. And if there is a reasonable answer for it, feel free to tell me go fuck myself. But I need to know why the hell I can’t sort my inventory. Let me explain. I’ve just ran an intense mission with the Cade Gang. We’ve shot some shit UP. Everybody died that stood in our way. Purple bar, yellow bar, it didn’t matter. We’ve just been given our XP reward and item, and we have undoubtedly picked up plenty of items throughout the level. Before we head to our next adventure, everyone decides to browse their inventory and check out the spoils of victory.


Now Ubisoft, WHY THE FUCK IS THIS SO HARD TO DO? Would a sort function be too much? Sort by level maybe? Sort by rarity? Or even just throw the new shit I picked up at the top Ubisoft! I’m sick of picking shit up and you just randomly place it in the middle of my inventory. That’s STUPID! I can’t explain why this bothers me so much, but my friends will attest to how much I bitch about this shit. Just please add it in an update man. I’m fed up. Sort button. NOW MUTHAFUCKAS.

I feel better. Once again, this is a really fun game that I enjoy playing. There are a lot of minor details that they actually got right if I’m being honest. That’s what makes this oversight so frustrating. It just seems like something they would have thought about. But hey, there’s still time. So do the right thing in the next patch and give us a way to sort our inventory please. Next time I won’t be so nice. Jerz out.


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