#MadMonday: “You’re Too Old To Play Games”?!?

“Video games are for kids so why are you playing them?” “Aren’t you too old to play games?” “Adults shouldn’t play video games; they should be too busy doing work!” If you’re an older gamer then it’s a great chance you heard these annoying sayings or variations of it. Makes you just want to say the snidest remark to it, huh? Why? Because you know those statements are dumb! I mean, let’s REALLY break down and analyze these sayings.

You say that video games are for kids, huh? Well let me answer your question with a question: whom do you think make video games? An 8 year old made a huge video game series like Street Fighter? Sure, it’s not entirely impossible for a kid to be that much of a genius, but the chances are not that good.

Not a good point to start off with, I know, but let’s talk about the games themselves. Sure, there are games that are geared more towards kids: Mario, Sonic, cartoon based games, even Minecraft is heavily popular kids. So hey, why SHOULD adults play “kids’ games”? Well, do you really think a game series like Resident Evil is a game that perfect for average 6 year old; game for a kid that’s probably afraid of monsters under the bed? I mean, let’s look at first person shooters. How many kid-friendly FPS games are there? I know you see the prepubescent children running around your local Wal-mart or game store getting oh so excited about the new Call Of Duty, but do you really believe a game with the ability to put a sniper bullet into your opponent’s head is oh so kid-friendly? Speaking of violence, let’s talk about the king of video game controversy: Grand Theft Auto. Do you really believe that a game with the ability to kill innocent bystanders (whether it’s with your bare hands, guns, or a tank), have sex with strippers & hookers, do drugs, and drink alcohol is truly a game for kids? If you said yes to any of these then I believe your childhood was quite disturbing.

Now let’s talk about the why; that is, why we play them. There are various reasons why you we still play them and it’s has a lot to do with the recreational aspect of them. Extroverts or introverts, unhealthy fat slob or muscular bro, boy or girl, etc., we all still play games because they are fun! We want to do something fun so that’s EXACTLY what we do. Point blank period! We all have jobs and lives that can and will stress us out so why not add some fun and happiness to our lives? If you think video games are ridiculous then grab your nearest controller and go on a punching spree in GTA after a rough day of work. If you love The Walking Dead or Game Of Thrones but think video games are dumb because they’re too hard to play (we see y’all out there, don’t lie!!!) then pick up a copy of Tell Tale Game’s version of these shows because they are interactive, easy to play, and have quite the immense story that’ll have you hooked. Oh, and let’s not forget about those that play games for money. I mentioned about this in one of my previous articles. There are people that made a career out of playing games whether it’s with casual streaming, speedruns, tournaments, or even have actual shows around their love of video games. Now when I say “for money” I don’t mean for like $40 or $50 every now and then, oh no no no. From gaming tournaments having winning amounts as large as $3 million split between 8 people, to an internet personality having a net worth of $60 million because of his love of video games and other randomness (yes, I’m talking about PewDiePie).

There are so many games but so little time, so how does one find the time to play them? Well to put it bluntly, it’s not that hard folks. People manage to find the time of the day to watch their favorite television shows, hang out at bars, drink, smoke, cook (for fun), garden, build a house, play basketball, play baseball, read books, surf the web, read articles (heh……), race cars, fix up cars, workout, * insert another hobby you may enjoy *, so do you think it’s really that hard to find the time to play video games? You could make the excuse that playing them isn’t all that productive, do you do any of those previous hobbies that I mentioned to be productive or did you do it because you found enjoyment out of them? You can do a hobby and be productive, but not every hobby has to be. At the end of the day, though, anyone can find the time to sit and enjoy an hour or so to enjoy a nice gaming session. The average human sleeps 8 hours per day, work 8-10 hours per day, so that’s a whole 6-8 hours to do whatever you want or need. Is it really that farfetched for people to enjoy 2 hours of playing video games out of their oh so “busy” lives? Not at all.


To sum it all up: shut up, stop being a killjoy, and mind your business!

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