You Know What? F**k Konami.

As I sat there watching streams and reading reviews of Metal Gear Solid V, I was wholly prepared to go to GameStop and get a copy of the Phantom Pain for myself. “Nah, I won’t watch too much of this stream. I have to experience it for myself.” That was my thought process as looked for games I didn’t care about anymore to trade. Then a sudden realization came to me: Fuck Konami.

Let’s be honest for just a moment. We have let Konami slide for years because of Kojima’s baby. It’s literally the only thing keeping them alive. MGS is like LeBron in Cleveland. Wait, scratch that. Kojima is like LeBron in Cleveland. Here’s a quick list of franchises that Konami just let piss away.
  • Contra
  • Castlevania
  • Suidoken
  • Bomberman
  • Frogger
  • TMNT beat em ups
  • DDR….kinda.
  • Silent Hill (R.I.P. to P.T aka Silent Hills which was looking fantastic.)

Just look at all that childhood they don’t give a solitary fuck about. You know how easy it would be to remake or redo these games and make money? Fuck, Contra could just be an HD remix for PSN and Xbox live for $15. People would eat it up if it had online co-op.

Castlevania. Holy hell did they ruin this franchise by rebooting it. Nobody asked for a reboot. Did you play the reboot in 2010? It had the dumbest ending ever. You’re Dracula the entire time and the game ends in present day. I’m so pissed just thinking about it. (Ed. Note – THIS GAME WAS AMAZING KOJIMA IS GOAT SHUT UP.)
Konami has bitten off the hand thats been feeding them for years, and now they really have nowhere else to go. I can’t wait for this company to fall apart and watch these old franchises be given new life. I can’t wait for Sony or Microsoft give a fat check to Kojima, give him creative freedom and let him make a new classic. I can’t wait until Konami sells off these franchises so we can see what they could’ve done if a little common sense was available. I can’t wait for Nintendo to buy the rights to Castlevania. That franchise is like the distant cousin of the OG Nintendo franchises. Bring a Belmont to Smash Bros and unreboot (I said it’s a word) the franchise so we can get a game based of the battle of 1999. Contra will be bought by Iron Galaxy or the company that did the Strider reboot, and its going to be glorious!
I’m done talking about this company. I decided to not give money to these people. I’m getting Super Mario Maker instead. Say what you want about Nintendo, but you don’t see them kicking Miyamoto to the curb. Fuck Konami. Long live Kojima.

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