When’s Marvel [Gonna Stop The Arguments]?

Good ol’ Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (UMVC3, Marvel 3, or MAHVEL). The oh so colorful, wacky, intense fighting game. The game that combines two universes, making it possible to see a match involving Ryu vs. Captain America, Dante (Devil May Cry) vs. Deadpool, and Sentinel vs. Mega M—HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! All jokes aside, this game is the 5th installment (counting vanilla and Ultimate as one) of the Vs. series and 7th of its kind (I am counting X-Men: Children of the Atom). Additionally, this game and its predecessor have been at the end of great praise and conflict simultaneously. They caused a lot of friction from casual and hardcore fighting gamers. Sometimes it is a call for them to go away, while others call for them to stay & be that one game that’s different from the rest. Note: for the sake of my preference (and present day technology), I’m going to be discussing just Marvel 3.

Marvel is a 3 on 3 tag team fighting game that only allows you to fully control one character at a time and do crazy high damage combos at incredible speeds. Additionally, there are instances where your other 2 characters can be called out to assist you, and if your main character needs a break because his/her health is too low then you can tag your partner in. To better explain, think of a tag team wrestling match with 3 people. Seems like fun, right? Why would people want this game to die away? Well, I’m going to do something special with this and have a debate with myself (yeah, I’m crazy!) by having a “Why it should die” vs. “Why it should stay” quote battle where each side has its usual complaints or praise. Figured it seemed the most appropriate approach.

Die: This game is so ridiculous! Why is it still around?

Stay: It’s a fun game! What do you mean “why is it still around”?

Die: How is this game fun? This game is way too easy. You press three buttons and do 20 hit combo.

Stay: Well this is true, but I mean it makes it more fun for people to easily jump in and enjoy.

Die: Enjoy? Who will actually enjoy a fighting game where you can kill a character with just one combo? That doesn’t seem fun at all.

Stay: Ok, I’ll give you that. The combos do seem over powered.

Die: Like, I managed to do a combo that killed my opponent from playing the game for 15 minutes. That’s ridiculous!

Stay: Well, the whole point of a fighting game is to defeat your opponent, so wouldn’t it actually be better to be able to defeat your opponent with one combo?

Die: This is true, but that doesn’t seem all that fair. I mean, if I get hit then it’s game over for me. I can only sit back and watch as my character dies.

Stay: Yeah, I guess that’s where it really can be unfair……

Die: See? It’s just a game of infinite combos.

Stay: Not so fast! Those very combos that you’re talking about have their limits: meter, game mechanics like the character recovering, and user error where it’s possible that you or your opponent may drop the combo.

Die: Ok, maybe “infinite combos” was the wrong terminology to use.

Stay: I’ll give you the benefit of saying that the game actually has combos: TAC infinites.

Die: TAC infinites?

Stay: Team Aerial Combos: combos that let your partner tag in and continue the combo that your main character started which is done during an air combo.

Die: See? Infinites!

Stay: BUT, the opponent has a way to prevent this from happening by pressing the same button as HIS opponent which stops the combo completely.

Die: Well, either way the game seems broken. I mean, I’m seeing the same characters all the time: Vergil, Doctor Doom, Zero!

Stay: I don’t think you’re watching enough vids and streams because there are people that use a lot of different characters.

Die: Oh Wow! A whole variety of top tier characters! What joy!

Stay: Not exactly. There are people defeating these top tier characters with lower tier characters. In fact, the past 2 EVO winners were using mid-tier teams. Additionally, there are even upper tier teams that people should be great with on paper but can’t even make it in top 16 tourneys.

Die: I’ll give you that to an extent.

Stay: Why’s that?

Die: Because at the end of the day, they’re all using combos that kill combos.

Stay: True, but that’s where defense and strategy come into play. Sure, you can do a combo that kills a character, but how are you going to get in and do this combo if your opponent is running around in circles or on the offensive trying to do the same?

Die: True, but they’ll be doing the same combos over and over again.

Stay: What fighting game doesn’t have the same combos done over and over again?

Die: Yeah, but not like this game. At least they have a variety of combos, and that’s because the combos aren’t touch of death combos like this game.

Stay: Ok, you have a good point there.

The winner of this battle is… well, nobody really. Both sides brought up good points and possibly could have kept going. Whether you love it or hate it, we can all agree that it’s definitely a game that’s one of a kind (you can have Deadpool and Dante battle each other for crying out loud). All in all, it’s all about your preference. This game not being your style is ok because there are others that may fit your tastes. Additionally, it being your style means that is ok because there are a bunch of people who love it just like you. ITS STILL MAHVEL BAYBEE!

One thought on “When’s Marvel [Gonna Stop The Arguments]?

  1. Hope Street Fighter 5 thins out the appeal of this game and SF4, which I know it won’t, but I’m just tired of the comeback mechanics these last gen fighters brought. Hearing that SF5 is a mix of ST and 3rd Strike is a relief and I hope it takes slightly more effort to obtain a win this time around.

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