My FF7 Wishlist

Final Fantasy 7 is finally getting a HD revision! Like, an actual rework of the game with newer graphics and all! I, myself, was quite interested in this seeing how this game was a good chunk of my childhood. No seriously, I dedicated like 5 years of my childhood to this game because I loved it that much. I mean, it was a groundbreaking RPG and was a plethora of people’s first RPG game (like me). Now, I’m not saying it’s the greatest game of all time (let’s face it, the story was decent but not awe-inspiring), but the nostalgia that many others and I get is truly something to enjoy. So with the announcement of an actual HD rework, I just hope they leave in or add some things that will still live up to that nostalgia.

Voice Acting:
This kind of goes without saying. With the animated sequel (Advent Children) and the PSP prequel (Crisis Core) having actual voiced dialogue, it would be good to have this also. Heck, I’d even go as far as saying let the bad English stay just so we can hear the voice actors say “This guy are sick.” Come on, guys! You know you want this to happen!

Leave In The W-Item Glitch:
Ok, if you’re reading this article then you know about materia. If you don’t know what the W-Item Glitch is, then shame on you for not knowing what it is and taking advantage of it! Jokes aside, the W-Item materia allows your character to use an in-battle item twice. However, there’s a glitch in the game that allows you to duplicate an item. Why is that important? Well, it allows you to have 99 of rare items and whatnot. This glitch is VERY useful even when it comes to leveling up your characters..

Leave In The Overflow Glitch:
There’s a good chance that a lot of you knew about the previous glitch, yet weren’t aware of this glitch. Well, the overflow glitch allows you to do this. What just happened? Well, basically the character’s attack was so powerful that the game went bonkers and said “Oh crap! I don’t know what to do! Ummmmm, kill the enemy!” This glitch makes it fun to kill enemies and works on everyone except 2 enemies: Ruby Weapon and Sephiroth at full power in his final form.

Spoiler Warning- Not going to say this next one to avoid spoilers:
Ok, a lot of y’all are probably aware of the tragic scene that happened in disk one. However, you would be surprised at how many didn’t know about the death of Aeris. They wouldn’t know about our shock and disbelief the first time we witnessed this. With that being said, I would like to see a way where we can bring her back. It doesn’t have to be story related; just have it where we can revive her and battle with her.

Either Make Money More Meaningful or Harder To Come By:
At First, money was an issue in this game because there was so much to get with so little amount of money. However, it became pointless when you could just easily sell the All materia when it’s mastered and acquire everything you need so quickly with like 15 figures’ worth of gil (this isn’t an exaggeration because I actually have a save file with that much gil and nothing to spend it on).

Customizable Outfits/Character Customization:
Hey, why not? Who wouldn’t want to see Barret sport some long hair? Who wouldn’t want to see Tifa dressed all girly? About the only problem with this is Red XIII… I mean, he’s called RED XIII and he doesn’t wear clothes, but I’m sure something can be worked out.

Get Rid Of The PHS Use:
The game developers made it to where you could only have 3 characters with you at a time unless you had the PHS phone which allowed you to switch characters. If you played the game then I ask you this: did that make any sense at all? Just get rid of this altogether and have it where we can switch like in Final Fantasy X.

Add More To The Story:
The story was decent, like I stated earlier, but I think they could’ve added more to it because there were a lot of character development opportunities they could have capitalized on. Sure, Cloud was the main character, but what about more on Tifa’s life or some more backstory of the other recurring characters? Most of all, how about an opportunity to play Crisis Core?

An Option To Listen to the Game Soundtrack and Watch Cut Scenes:
FFX did this and it was a pretty nice addition. So I don’t see why this game can’t have it.

Now, this is only a current wishlist that I can think of at the moment. Maybe in a few more months I’ll come up with another. After all, we got to see some more info from Square-Enix. Here’s hoping!

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