The Various Types of Gamers

Note: For the record, some of these terms already exist. This is just my description of these terms.

Ah, video games! Full of fun, controversy, and broken friendships (COUGH blue turtle shell COUGH), they made a huge impact on a lot of people throughout the years. An impact so big, they actually created different personalities amongst people when it comes to playing them. What kinds of personalities? Well, I’ve noticed a wide variety of them, so let’s check them out!

The Nostalgic: Ah yes! If you started gaming between the late 80s and the late 90s, there’s a good chance that you’ve been this person. This is the person that loves to reminiscence about the good old days of blowing cartridges, saving the Princess, and catching the net on fire from scoring 3 unanswered shots in a row.

Example – That wondrous joy you get when you and your friends are discussing the numerous SNES games you used to play.


The Contrarian: Yeah, there’s always that ONE person. While you all are discussing how great Final Fantasy 6 is, there is the one that says Final Fantasy 8 was better. They are hipsters, but more aggressive in the sense that they just have to let you know how much they dislike your favorite game.

Example – “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas wasn’t THAT good. Grand Theft Auto 2 was even better!”

The Clueless: We’ve all seen this person. This is the one that just doesn’t know how to play the game. Whether they love playing games or don’t care too much for them, they are the ones that pause the game because they need to learn the buttons and whatnot. The fact that they are clueless isn’t the issue. The problem is that they get excited to play with you but then need an entire college course to know how to jump.

Example – You and your friends are about to play Smash Brothers, but that one person asks 21 questions to understand the game.

confused gamer

The Competitor: Ever talked trash? Ever bragged about a high kill streak? The competitor uses multiplayer gaming for its true purpose. After all, why keep score if it isn’t about the wins?

Example – “Oh you think you can beat me in Goldeneye??? Then Let’s go!!!”

The Career Competitor: These are the people that take gaming to a whole new level. There’s money, medals, and real life trophies involved. Not just any amount of money (What’s up, Flux?), but 5 or 6 figures worth. These types of gamers play for the money and glory. Some went as far as turning it into a career. “Those video games are pointless!” says the mother. “Make it rain!” says the career competitor who won $100,000 in a game competition.

Example – Just look up the CapCom Cup or checkout your nearest Hearthstone tournament.


The Streamer: Are they real gamers? Are they faking the funk? Who’s to say about these types, but we do know one thing: they love recording themselves playing the game for the sake of an audience. Whether it is for money, entertainment, or socializing, these types of gamers love sharing their experience to the world. Who can blame them? It’s fun sharing your experience of seeing a shiny Pokémon to fellow fans.

Example – Twitch, anyone? (No shots Jerz.)

dog stream

The Pro: The experts at what they do. The career competitor fits with this description, but not all pros are competitors. These are the types that can do things your average gamer can’t. Speedruns, analyses, etc., these types are not to be messed with!

Example – Videos of speedruns done by experts.

The Casual: The most common one. They like video games and play them every once in a while. The casual can also be the type that hasn’t picked up a controller since the Sega Dreamcast, but can still enjoy a game of Mario Party. The casual probably has a copy of the most popular game.

Example – It’s probably you.

The Hypester: No, that’s not a misspelling of “hipster”. The hypester is the one that gets excited for a game due to awesome previews & gameplay footage, only to get the game and completely forget about it a month later. So much excitement and hype is given to a game from the hypester, only for it to disappear 2 weeks after the release date. It’s not because the game was terrible, but more or less the fact that the hypester got bored too easily.

Example – Once the gamer got excited that his new Smash Brothers came in, he played it and sold it a week later.

The Bro Gamer (or “Dude-Bro”): The more expert, hardcore version of the casual gamer. They play the popular games a lot, and quite well to boot. Think of 5 current highly popular games. Those games will be owned by the bro gamer.

Example – Call Of Duty, Madden, and NBA 2K are quite popular because of these gamers.

The Genre Lovers: These types of gamers love certain games because of their genre; yeah, pretty self-explanatory. RPG, first person shooter, platform, action, sports, racing: if it doesn’t a category that the genre lover loves then he/she isn’t going to pay any attention to it.

Example – A fighting game lover buying nothing but fighting games……. Again, pretty self-explanatory.

The Genre Hater: Hahaha, if you love video games then you’ve been this type. This type is not pleased with a certain genre of games. They most likely won’t give a certain game their attention just because it is part of a certain genre.

Example- – Michael glances right past the advertisement for the new Final Fantasy because he could care less about RPG’s.


These are just some of the terms that I could think of. You probably can also think of some yourself. Which gamer are you or have been?

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