Sony E3 Wrap Up

ICYMI…..Start at 12:25.

Sony came into E3 riding a wave of momentum. Their main job was simply to let that momentum carry them through the conference. Sony had other plans. Sony decided it wasn’t good enough to give the people what they wanted. They decided to sprinkle in some of what the people dreamed of.

I went to the Sony E3 experience for the second time in a row this year, so I’ll just give you the play by play of how the theater reacted to each conference announcement.

Sony came straight out of the gate with The Last Guardian.

Man oh man. The gaming world wrote it off as a running joke, but it rose from the grave in a major way. The audience was very happy to see this game once again. I’m still not quite sure what it will be about, but it looks absolutely stunning. It’s definitely cut from the Ico/SOTC cloth, and that is all many gamers need to know. It will be here next year, and I can’t wait.

As the audience tried to calm down a little, Sony launched right into their next attack with Guerilla Games (Killzone) brand new IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

What? The game started out showing a once bustling city give way to a lush forest landscape. We then meet different tribes, as the narrator explains her tribe were the first to make a way in this new world. And then we saw the prehistoric Skynet. And we collectively lost our shit. We saw a woman sneak through bushes and assassinate robotic dinosaurs with a mechanized crossbow. And then we saw her do battle with a weaponized T-Rex for an action packed and intense 2 minutes. Sign me up.

Hitman was next up with a snazzy trailer. Street Fighter V followed with some Birdie and Cammy gameplay, as well as a beta date. July 23rd, be there. Here are the trailers.

Indie darling No Man’s Sky was next up to bat.

We were treated to a live demo this time around. I’ll be honest, while impressed with the sheer scope and size of the game, it looks sort of boring. We watched the player land on a new planet, look around, swim a little, and upload some info to a beacon. Show me more son. It looks impressive though. Just show me the fun stuff. Interstellar firefights. Stuff on the planets trying to kill me. That’ll do it.

The next game we saw was Media Molecule’s Dreams. During the presentation I was excited and sad all at once. I was completely in awe of what Media Molecule are trying to do with Dreams. It’s like Little Big Planet was a test exercise to see if Dreams was possible. We were watching the natural evolution of Play, Create, Share. And people were in the audience yelling “LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!” Gaming has come so far, and yet it’s in the same place. Here is the demo for Dreams.

Firewatch was the next game we saw. It looks to be a suspenseful game built around the relationship between a man and a woman. Some strange occurrences are happening in the park they oversee. I look forward to finding out what.

I’ll spare you my thoughts on Destiny: The Taken King. I’ll just show you the trailer. Theater was excited though.

Assassins Creed: Syndicate made a showing to introduce us to female assassin Evie Frye. She is BADASS. Seems Ubisoft took the AC Unity criticism to heart. The crowd appreciated this trailer a lot.

Final Fantasy time! Maybe they will finally announce THE game. Trailer starts, and I see pint sized chibi FF characters everywhere. Welcome to World of Final Fantasy. Robyn was very excited when she saw this. I think it will be great.

Wait, here’s another trailer. Looks oddly familiar. There is suddenly an audible silence in the theater. Someone yells out COULD IT BE? Tweets start flying. Hopes are sky high. And then…..You see the gun-arm. And that blade. And if you are me, you cry. It’s the Final Fantasy 7 remake at long last.

Everything I write from here on out may be out of order, or incoherent. I was completely gone at this point. You’ll get the entire story in the podcast.

While the entire theater recovered (except Robyn who never played THAT GAME and was unmoved) we were hit with another dream come true. Yu Suzuki was brought out on stage to announce the existence of Shenmue 3. After a short trailer, he announced a kickstarter to make the game a reality. Shortly after it launched, Kickstarter broke under the weight of people trying to donate. So its safe to say you can put it on your list of games to buy.

The next few minutes were a blur. Batman: Arkham Knight trailer. Playstation Vue. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 4 player demo. Wait a sec. 4 player co-op campaign? I guess I’ll make my return. There was a multiplayer reveal too, but I don’t care about that. Well, maybe a little bit.

After a sizzle reel for the PS Vita (Remember that?) it was time for Star Wars. First, a partnership with Disney Infinity 3.0 was announced. The PS4 will have a limited edition Starter Pack including Star Wars characters before any other system. That includes BOBA FETT.

And then there was Star Wars: Battlefront. Oh boy. NO words.

For the grand finale, we saw some more of Uncharted 4. After some technical difficulties, or Drake just being a diva, the demo was underway.

Man look. Nathan Drake already has a place in our hearts after the Uncharted trilogy. Now he’s gunning for a place in history. This is his swan song, and Naughty Dog looks to be pulling out all the stops.

So that was Sony’s conference in a nutshell. For me, it felt like a car ride as a kid when you don’t know where you are going. You get in the car, and you’re driving for what seems like forever. You see some nice sights along the way, and you’re enjoying the ride, but all you want to know is where’s the destination. And then you get there, and it is the place you have wanted to go for a long time. Maybe years. Then you stop for dinner and ice cream on the way home. That was Sony’s conference. Times 10. Yeah.




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