A Post For Kyah.

Every once in a while, we as gamers can get lost in our own little worlds. We spend so much time gaming and enjoying worlds created for us, and sometimes we can forget that our own world comes with harsh realities. Sometimes things happen that we can’t control, and we have to deal with them the best we can.

I’m writing this post because I have always believed in helping people whenever and however I can. I was approached by a lovely lady named Kyah with a simple request the other day. “Can you please read my story?” Not a lot to ask, so I read it. It moved me in a way I didn’t expect, so I felt I should do more than just read it. So I donated to her very worthy cause. Not a lot, let’s be clear. But I did what I could.

Then I felt I needed to do even more. So I offered to put her story on here. I know this website doesn’t get millions of views a day. But every person who does read this post can help just like I did. So I’m posting this to bring awareness to her story. No, it’s not gaming related. But all gamers are people first, and helping people is something that is very important to me. So I’m asking you to please read Kyah’s story, and help in any way you feel you can. Donate, share, every little bit of money or awareness can help. Thank you.


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