Bethesda E3 Conference Wrap Up


E3 is a gamer’s favorite time of year. We get to see what games we will argue over, obsess about, and save our pennies for in the upcoming months. This year’s E3 promised to be special, and special it was. It all started with Bethesda, who were holding their first ever Live E3 conference. There was buzz aplenty, and they certainly gave their fanbase a whole lot to be excited about. So let’s get into it.

So Bethesda started things off with a nice little montage. Standard fare at E3. We love montages. Head of Bethesda PR Pete Hines then took the stage to talk about the company and its hard working employees. After wrapping that up, he introduced us to the first offering on the menu: Doom.

Marty Stratton (Executive Producer at id Software) was on stage to demo the game. This game looked amazing. I’m not a huge fan of the franchise, but I was impressed by how clean and sharp everything looked. We can thank the idTech 6 engine for that. I liked the overlay for switching weapons, and I also liked watching pickups spill from the creatures’ lifeless corpses. Forgive me if these things aren’t new, as I don’t play shooters often. The Super Shotgun and Chainsaw got the most crowd reaction, and rightfully so. It didn’t seem as scary as the old versions, but I am 33 so that may have something to do with it. The melee kills are absolutely brutal as they should be. After the single player demo, they teased the multiplayer and discussed SnapMap, which reminds me of Halo Forge in a way. You can create levels, and logic can bring your game modes much needed variety. We then got a second glimpse of single player. This time we were in Hell. The enemies seemed straightforward, save for the boss type baddie at the end. But it is an E3 demo, so that isn’t a big deal. All in all I really liked what I saw. Good game to open with in my opinion. The crowd was very much into it, and they loved the ending which I won’t spoil for those playing catch up.

Pete Hines reappeared to discuss, your hub for all things Bethesda. This was used as a seamless transition into Battlecry.

Battlecry seems to be similar to Team Fortress 2 at first glance. It’s built on teamwork and making the most of each specific class. Lucas Davis (Design Director) explained the game while gameplay was shown. The alpha is live, and you can sign up for the beta at right now. A trailer was then shown detailing each class, which I have posted above.

Arkane Studios were next to present Dishonored 2.

I have not played the first Dishonored, but this trailer definitely steered me towards its sequel. The crowd was very appreciative of the main protagonist Emily, so I’m guessing she will soon be a fan favorite. You can play as her or Corvo this time around, but Emily was said to be the main focus. Each character has their own move set with no overlap, and you have choices in your approach. Go stealth and try not to kill anyone. Dispose of everyone in your path. It’s up to you. There was no gameplay shown, but I dont think its cause for worry. To set up for Dishonored 2, we will get Dishonored: Definitive Edition this year. It will include all DLC and enhanced graphics.

Elder Scrolls Online was the next game presented.

The trailer above highlighted what to expect in the coming months in the world of Tamriel. Two new areas were shown off (Imperial City and Orsinium) and new enemies were shown as well. A card game based on Elder Scrolls was also announced: Elder Scrolls Legends.

The strategy card game will be free to play on PC and iPad later this year. It looked pretty cool if you’re into those type of card games.

After a well placed joke about the conference being over, the crowd demanded Fallout 4 and got it.

Fallout 4 was announced before E3, so Bethesda spent all their time showing the game off. The game will begin before the nuclear attack, so you get a glimpse of how life was beforehand. You create your character by detailing their face in the bathroom mirror, and you do have the option of playing as a woman. After the blast, you wake up in the future to find yourself all alone. Well, besides your robot butler of course. What followed was an extensive look into what makes Fallout 4 so highly anticipated. Mobile power armor. Layered armor. The VATS system. Craft the world around you on the fly (which looks amazing). Go anywhere. Do anything. That is the promise from Bethesda, and history has showed us they will probably deliver. The Collector’s edition even comes with a real life fully functional Pip Boy! A mobile game was announced as well: Fallout Shelter. You have to manage everyone in your shelter, and it looks really fun if you’re into that type of thing. It’s out right now, so go check it out.

Bethesda wrapped the show after the Fallout 4 demo. Personally I think they did a really good job. They kept the crowd entertained, and they showed a lot of the game most wanted to see in Fallout 4. Doom looked really good, and Dishonored 2 generated some buzz with its female lead. I’m not a huge fan of their games, but I definitely enjoyed watching what they had to share. I can’t wait to see more.

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