HD Remakes/Remastered Games: What the People Want, or Just Lazy Video Game Business Tactics?

First thing’s first, let me state that this is my first time writing an article. So try not to expect some expert writing style or anything like that. This is more or less a practice thing to get my feet wet, so why not on a topic that I like? I’ll try not to bore you or anything. Now, let’s get started.

The title of this article may seem to give away how I feel, but I assure you that it doesn’t. I’m just going to try to explore both sides of the spectrum in a non-biased way (but fair warning that my nostalgia might slip out). I mean, are these remakes/remastered games just lazy ways of getting money?

Throughout the years, remakes & remastered games have been appearing more and more. I can’t exactly recall the first one, but I do remember my first experience of them with the God Of War Collection for the PS3. There’s a good chance most of you know what that is. But for those who don’t, Sony took God Of War 1 & 2 from the PS2, combined them, updated the graphics, added some bonus content, and viola! It’s similar to taking a 90s movie and converting it to blu-ray with commentary and etc. More or less it’s a pretty good deal, but it would seem pointless to get it if you already have the first two for the PS2, right?

Sure, getting the game on another system would seem pointless. However, it can still offer some benefits for the consumer. For example, the aforementioned God Of War Collection for PS3 may seem pointless, but why not play the game on a system that is more powerful and visually better than its predecessor? Those things may not seem like much for the sake of gameplay (I mean SNES games are still aging quite well), but what about the extra content? For instance, the HD collection came with a demo version of God Of War 3, a sequel that wasn’t going to be on the PS2. So I guess you could say that the HD collection was kind of a warm-up for the third installment, as well as a way for newcomers who didn’t own a PS2 to be introduced to the series, which brings me to another point.

These types of re-releases can be quite useful for those who haven’t owned the console the originals were released on. I’ve owned all 4 versions of the PlayStation, but I wasn’t fortunate enough to have owned a lot of the great games on the PS2 (being a broke gamer wasn’t fun at all). So when those greats came to the PS3? I was able to play the GoW collection, as well as own the highly praised Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus. I’m even in the process of getting the Kingdom Hearts remixes so it’ll warm me up for KH3, and I’m sure other examples could be cited..

Now, with all of these remakes/remastered editions, you would think that this is just gaming companies’ way of making a cheap buck. A lot of the re-releases seem like a simple copy, paste, and retouch on some visuals (forgive my ignorance if that really isn’t the case). Even if that’s not the case, you’ve got to agree that they don’t really need to put that much effort into making a game for a newer system when nearly half of the work is already done for them. So why not say it’s just a cheap buck? I mean hey, I would even go as far as saying that it really is a cheap buck for some of the companies. However, a lot of people wouldn’t care either way. They are willing to give the gaming companies money for that cheap buck because they either…..

  1. Love the game that much
  2. Are willing to try something new, or
  3. For the sake of having a collection.

Now, the last one might not be as common but the first two seem quite plausible. Nearly all of the re-releases have made profits for the companies. This has led to a lot of the companies asking. no, BEGGING, that they do the same for other games. This is especially true of franchises that are seemingly in stasis (*cough* MegaMan *cough*).

Whichever side of the fence that you’re on, you have to admit that there’s some kind of useful benefit for the majority of the market. I love Final Fantasy X and own the PlayStation 2, 3, and 4. I’m willing to own the PS4 version the most because of how much it offers and how much more convenient it will be on that system. (mostly because of the PS4’s speed and Spotify). The companies may be getting an easy buck out of all of us, but at the same time they’re providing what the people want. I hope they continue to do so with future systems. No, seriously, if you can see this Sony, why not do a PSX Greatest Hits Collection for the PS4? Hint, hint………….

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