CAPCOM Wants To Tackle The Remaster Game Head On, So What Should They Bring Back?


With the success of REmake (Resident Evil 1 Remake Remaster) and Resident Evil: Revelations 2, CAPCOM is feeling pretty good about how they could do with bringing back older titles. The digital market ihas proven to be much bigger on the newer consoles. REmake managed to sell one million downloads, and Revelations 2 itself was just announced to have sold 1.1 million. Following all this good sales news that surely pleased the stockholders, CAPCOM has announced plans to release more HD remasters of older titles. After reading this I thought to myself, “CAPCOM has a lot of gems from the PS2 and PS1 era that never made it past those two consoles.” So I decided to compile a list of CAPCOM series from that era I think would do well as remasters. Feel free to chime in.

Dino Crisis 1/2

dino_crisis_by_r3n_designer-d48845v dino_crisis_4_by_laifafares-d7ndd6j

– Resident Evil with dinosaurs instead of zombies. As great as REmake did, I know plenty of people who would pay good money for a Dino Crisis remake.

Auto Modellista


– A cel-shaded racing game that offers a different art style from all the hyper-realistic racers like GT, PGR, NFS and Forza. Would look even better on the new consoles.



– Another cel-shaded game that was a FPS and had an amazing story. A graphics clean up would make replaying this worth everyone’s while.

Resident Evil 2/3/CV/4


– These speak for themselves.

Onimusha Warlords/2/3


– We got Genji on the PS3 from Sony instead of another Onimusha, and I still want to know why. CAPCOM can still make this right.

Honorable Mention (This probably wouldn’t perform as well commercially, but I would love a remaster none the less.)



An FPS set in a dark fantasy world, that was underrated if you ask me. The gameplay was excellent and the story was passable.

3 thoughts on “CAPCOM Wants To Tackle The Remaster Game Head On, So What Should They Bring Back?

  1. what about:
    Mega Man Legends
    Any Breath of Fire
    Dark Stalkers
    Chip and Dale
    Final Fight
    Power Stone
    Project Justice
    Viewtiful Joe
    X-Men vs. Street Fighter

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