Bigg Jern’s Gaming Resume

Gamertag: BiggJern (PS3 & PS4, but mainly PS4)

Name: Jern

Age: 27

Experience: 25 years

Intro To Gaming: NES at 2 years old

Systems Currently Owned: [broken] Sega Dreamcast, N64, PS2, PS3, PS4, GBA

Strongest Genre: Fighting, RPG, Arcade Sports, Racing, Rhythm, Wrestling

Weakest Genre: FPS, FPS, FPS, Sports, and FPS

Code Check: Nearly all the codes to GTA San Andreas (especially the “blow up all vehicles” code)


  • [allegedly] Rescued the Princess in Super Mario Bros. (NES) at the age of 2
  • Achieved the infamous 0:0.0 time in the Chocobo Race on FFX in less than 5 tries (2 to be exact); a feat that took millions a ton of hours and broken controllers
  • Held a world record racing time on the PS4 version of GTAV (can’t recall the name of it, but it was the one where you started at the airport.)
  • Was top 30 Raiden player on Playstation Allstars Battle Royale
  • 4th place at college UMvC3 tournament
  • Defeated Emerald Weapon (FF7) in less than 2 minutes….. Thanks overflow glitch!!!
  • 100% on FF7

All Time Fave system: PS3 (with the PS2 and PSX classics store, it’s practically 3 consoles in 1)

Current Fave System: PS4


  • Heavily loves FFX…… no, seriously, I’m planning on getting a tattoo with a symbol from the game being one of graphics of the tat.
  • Lover of fighting games, even though I’m not that good at them.
  • Fight/arcade stick owner and lover; if I were wealthy, I’d start a collection of them and arcade cabinets
  • Lover of arcades.
  • Lover of UMvC3. It’s a combo crazy game; my kind of combo crazy game.
  • When it comes to fighting games, I’m a CapCom fanboy. Other than that, I love anime fighters, Killer Instinct, and PSASBR (even though this one isn’t popular, smh)
  • I want to meet Justin Wong, IFC Yipes, MarlinPie, Daigo, or Mike Ross in real life. And I want Mad Catz staff member MarkMan to hook me up with a career
  • Hater of CoD, but more so the hype and not the game
  • Proud lover and activist of turn-based RPG’s, which is becoming a lost art
  • Although I’m a PS fanboy and whatnot, I more or less joke around with the console wars and encourage people to just get what fits their preference.
  • Will argue you up and down that the following games and comparisons are the best of their series: Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, GTA San Andreas, Super Mario World, Perfect Dark (not really canon but I consider it part of the Goldenye “series”), Final Fantasy X, NFL 2K > Madden, Devil May Cry 3, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, Burnout Takedown, WWF No Mercy & Smackdown 2, Killer Instinct > Mortal Kombat, Auron > all of your fave Final Fantasy characters, The aeon Anima being the most awesome thing to ever be created.
  • Becoming an addict towards Tell Tale Games’ style of games of “make a choice” style of games
  • Would rather live in a mediocre house with great wifi than a luxurious house with crappy wifi because I love gaming entertainment that much (rather be [seemingly] broke than bored)
  • Twitter: @Meeting_aJERNed
  • Twitch: BiggJern
  • YouTube: BiggJern
  • Other than my Twitter, you can more or less find me on the Web with the name BiggJern

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