Buying Guide (May 2015)

Hey everyone! First of all, happy birthday to me! My birthday was May 2 if you didn;t know. But we’re not here for all that, we’re here to let you know where your money might be going this month. So let’s get to it. I’m going to expand this month and add games I normally wouldn’t. Hopefully it will help those of you out there who may like niche titles more than the popular games. As always, I’m just presenting what is out there as a starting point. Research anything that catches your attention before purchasing.

Week of May 5

maxresdefault (3)

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (May 5 for PS4, XB1, PC) – This standalone prequel to the underrated Wolfenstein: The New Order looks to build on its sturdy foundation. Expect more of what you loved in The New Order, and some new surprises to boot. The game is split into 2 distinct halves, and I’m sure both will be a blast to play through.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker (May 5 for 3DS) – This port of the 2012 DS strategy RPG will include roughly 40 hours of new content, as well as voice acting that wasn’t present in the original. Early reviews have compared it to the Persona series, so any fans of that series may want to give it a look.


Warhammer 40,000: Regicide (Early Access May 5 for PC) – This 3D chess game look to mix the strategic element of chess with the visuals and lore of Warhammer to create a unique experience for fans of both. The game will feature single and cross platform multiplayer, as well as a unique campaign and levels created by chess Grandmasters. It’s being treated as a AAA chess proect, and the visuals back that up complete with hundreds of kill and death animations. Looks promising.


High Strangeness (May 6 for Wii U and PC) – Hmmm. What we have here is a throwback action-adventure game cut from the Zelda cloth. The catch is it exists in 8 and 16 bit worlds simultaneously. You can, and must, switch between the worlds at your leisure to solve puzzles and make your way through the world. Interesting premise.


Week of May 12


Project C.A.R.S. (May 6 for PC, May 12 for PS4 and XB1) – The oft delayed racing sim is finally here! Create your driver, start out on the karting circuit, then go conquer the racing world. Rally, Touring Cars, Open-Wheel, GT, Le Mans, skateboarding, swimming, unicycling, sack racing, you can do it all. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but you get the point. Bring a co-driver along for co-op, or manage your own racing team and take on all comers. Throw in user generated content and you have the complete package. Will it be worth the wait?


Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered (May 12 for PS4) – It’s a remaster of the remaster of the FFX saga. Not much else I can say. You get a free desktop calendar for pre-ordering! There are system exclusive features, but I don’t know what they are. I’m sorry.


Toren (May 12 for PS4 and PC) – This puzzle/adventure game explores themes of life, love,  and transformation. Make your way through a tower that will test your wits along with the heroes. The game was created around a poem, so expect it to be filled with wonder and beauty. It looks like a slower paced title filled with heart warming moments. Think Journey.

maxresdefault (1)

Blues And Bullets (May 15 for XB1) – This episodic story follows Patton, a former detective dealing with his own issues in an unforgiving city. There will be decisions to make, bullets to shoot, investigations that lead to eerie places, and stories that shall indeed twist. Sounds like a potential good time. Potential “your s/o will like watching you play this” game, for those who are looking for one.


Week of May 19


The Witcher 3 (May 19 for XB1, PS4, PC) – This overly ambitious RPG wants to steal all of your free time. ALL OF IT. The world is huge. It is alive. There are many things happening, and seemingly minor events weave together to create huge consequences. This game reminds me of another fan favorite…..Red Dead Redemption. It may seem overwhelming, but I can even see from afar that those who invest the time with be handsomely rewarded. Join the hunt.


Destiny: House of Wolves (May 19 for PS4, PS3, XB1, 360) – The game everyone loves to hate is finally rolling out its second expansion pack. Between the Trials of Osiris PvP addition and the Prison of Elders Arena mode for PvE, a lot of former players are finding reason to return. Regardless of how you feel about Destiny, no one can accuse Bungie of resting on their laurels. I’m excited to make my return and see just how much has changed.


Week of May 26


Ultra Street Fighter 4 (May 26 for PS4) – Ultra SFIV makes its way to PS4 to prep the SF community for SFV. Everything from earlier versions is coming along, and some minor issues have been cleaned up to make it an even tighter experience. The fighting game resurgence continues! Get your fight stick ready.


Splatoon (May 29 for Wii U) – This charming ink shooter is slowly capturing the hearts of Wii U owners, and it’s finally on the horizon. Amiibo support was recently announced, and Splatoon has 3 of its own amiibos. There is a lot of potential here for multiplayer gold, and one can only hope it reaches ts potential.


Free Stuff

Games With Gold is offering Castle Storm: Definitive Edition for the XBox One, while Pool Nation FX will carry over from April. XBox 360 owners will receive F1 2013 and Mafia II.

PS Plus is offering PS4 owners Guacamelee STCE and Ether One. Murasaki Baby is free for the Vita. Hohokum, The Unfinished Swan, and Race The Sun are free across all 3 Sony platforms.


There you go gamers. Go forth and prosper! I’ll see you soon.



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