Buying Guide (April 2015)

Howdy! I hope you all enjoyed your March.

Before we get started, I want to sincerly apologize for my omission of MLB The Show 15 last month. I know better. It’s unforgivable, and I have shamed my family. *kicks rock and walks away*

Ok, I’ll do better this month. Let’s see what we can look forward to this month.

April 7, 2015


Are you enjoying Bloodborne? Is that your first experience with From Software? Well Demon Souls 2 is getting the remaster treatment with Dark Souls 2: Scholar Of The First Sin. The upgrades include enhanced graphics and all 3 DLC chapters. From Software also expanded the story and added new enemies, NPCs, and events. Some gameplay elements have also been improved. It’s a nice package for those who have never played it, as well as diehard fans who wanted an excuse to revisit the title.



The tag team of Etrian Mystery Dungeon and Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS will arrive on the 7th and 10th respectively. Etrian Mystery Dungeon is a turn based RPG with randomized dungeons and a very strategic combat system. Xenoblade Chronicles (for the NEW 3DS) is a port of the original Wii title. RPG lovers that own a 3DS are gonna have a hell of a week.

April 14, 2015


“Who’s next?” is the 2 word question on the minds of Mortal Kombat fans across the world as they prep for Mortal Kombat X. Ed Boon and company are pulling out all the stops to ensure MK9 wasn’t just a flash in the pan. The character list is bigger, the mechanics are improved, the fatalities are as fantastic as ever, and the story mode looks phenomenal. MK9 placed the series back in the good graces of fighting game fans, and MKX looks to make sure they never turn their back again.

April 28, 2015



State of Decay lands on the XBox One with the Year One Survival Edition. Along with remastered visuals, the two DLC add ons Lifeline and Breakdown will be included. Open world zombies are having a good year so far it seems. In any event, be sure to give this a look if you didn’t play the original or missed the DLC.


Games With Gold

The XBox One owners can look forward to Pool Nation FX and Child of Light. Pool Nation is, well, pool. Child of Light is a turn based RPG set in a fantasy world reminiscent of a storybook. It has a really innovative combat system, so RPG fans should definitely check it out. 360 owners have 4 choices: Terraria, Gears of War: Judgement, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, and Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel. Im sure you know of AC, Army of Two, and Gears. Terraria is an action game set in a sandbox world that you can help create. Sort of like Minecraft. Not a bad haul at all methinks.

On the Sony side, PS4 owners will get Never Alone, Aaru’s Awakening, and Tower of Guns. Never Alone is a puzzle game, Aaru’s Awakening is a platformer, and Tower of Guns is just what it sounds like. PS3 owners have access to Dishonored, as well as the aforementioned Aaru and Tower of Guns. Vita owners get the excellent Killzone: Mercenary as well as MonsterBag.

Light month everyone, although MKX is set up for great success. I’ll see you next month. Happy gaming!


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