Ourcade Games MLB The Show 15 League

Simple post. No need to be fancy.


Just wanted to make everyone aware that even though I didn’t purchase MLB this year, some of my gaming crew are indeed starting an online league. (Update: I’m in!) So if you’re interested, hit us on our Twitter (@OurcadeGames), or just hit the comments below expressing interest. I’ll update this post with a running list of signups, along with taken teams.

The league will start next week. (Update: We’re aiming to start this Friday.)

Members (PSN, Team)

JerzeeBalla – Giants

GDave07 – Dodgers

Da1nOnlyCmart – Braves

inkedupmikey – Mariners

THOMP22 – Nationals

King_David_951 – Cubs

OriginalYute – Rays

SweetExorcist – Yankees

PacoMcNasty – Red Sox

BKdaKang – White Sox

ParallelMatt – Rockies

ZydecoShawty – Reds

sideshowj – Padres

petepushka – Tigers

JoMosely – Cardinals

escobarmeth – Brewers

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