You see the hashtag. It’s a movement. Or it should be.

It happens every year. We start buying every game in sight at the end of the year, and around early spring we realize we bought way too many games. This creates a backlog we spend most of the middle of the year clearing, only to jam it back up come fall. It’s a cycle we have all fell victim to, and I’m suffering as we speak. Real spoke about how this glut of games has caused his skills to suffer. I’m no different.

Dragon Age: Inquisition. Far Cry 4. FF Type-0 (along with Episode Duscae). Helldivers. Resogun DLC. DmC Definitive. Valiant Hearts. Dying Light. Not to mention 2 games we wanted but chose to wait on, Borderlands: Handsome Edition and Bloodborne. I need to beat the backlog.

So I’ll make this simple so I can get back to gaming. What’s in your backlog? What games from late 14′ or early 15′ do you need to finish to prepare for the next wave of releases? Use the hashtag on Twitter and let us know. We’ll be waiting to hear from you. Back to DmC. I’ll be streaming if you want to watch. (twitch.tv/chronojerz). See ya.

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