True Life: I Suck at Gaming Because I Own Too Many Video Games

At some point while playing DMC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition, I had to put down the controller and rub my temples for a bit. My fingers ached, as I’d spent the previous two hours trying to learn the intricacies of the combo system, weapon switching, juggling, and all the other things that make DMC the game it is. It’d been a trying experience, as my mind and fingers weren’t on one accord, so while I thought to do one thing I couldn’t press the buttons fast enough to keep up. Despondent, I simply turned the system off and went back to watching Netflix with one sad thought.


High scoring combos are a thing of the past.


I suck at video games.

When I examined WHY I sucked at video games, something else dawned on me.

I suck at video games because I own too many of them.

When I was younger with significantly less disposable income, I either got new games when my mom had the money or if I traded with a friend. As such, video games became investments and I had to use much more discretion in picking and choosing what I was going to play. Whatever I bought, I played repeatedly until I learned all the nuances and systems of the game. I only had 1-2 games at a time so I had to find every method possible to enjoy them because there wasn’t a guarantee I was getting a new one anytime soon.

And therein lies the rub.

I had less games to work with so I garnered more proficiency from repeated experiences with said games.

Nowadays? Not so much.

maxresdefault (7)

Looks good in theory, until you realize you can’t play it all.


My inability to properly coordinate my fingers and mind for DMC can be traced to the way I consume video games now. For example, I bought Far Cry 4 (FC4) and Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI) in November. I have 26 hours in FC4 that could easily be double to triple in that number, but I also owned DAI which I’d anticipated all year. In January, I decided to buy Dying Light. I didn’t finish it, because I’m currently being trash in Madden 15…which I can’t learn how to play properly because I bought The Order: 1886. I’m about to run into this very same problem with DMC though, because Final Fantasy: Type 0 was released this week and I’ve been waiting over three years to play it.

In short, I can’t get good at any one video game because I almost ALWAYS have several others vying for my attention. What a problem to have.



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