What Means The World To You?

You see the poll. Let’s talk about it.

The reason why I made this poll is simple. The Order: 1886 became an unwilling catalyst for the oft discussed “how much is a game worth” debate. The line of thinking I saw most was some form of “I’m not paying 60 bucks for a game that lasts 5 hours.” Fair enough. I’m not here to debate how long the game REALLY is, although I would bet a substantial amount of money that most people who feel that way wouldn’t beat it in 5 hours on normal or hard difficulty. I’m also not here to take a side in that particular debate. My stance is on record in our site’s review. I’m just here to find out what is most important to you when determining a game’s value.

If I may ramble for a bit, this notion that the length of a game determines how much you will pay for it is pretty silly to me. There are way too many crappy games to list that take a while to beat. I also find that the majority of people who play those games bragging about x amount of hours to complete don’t even finish them. If you don’t believe me, check the trophy lists. Pick any game that takes 30 plus hours to complete, and I bet less than 50% of people have the trophy associated with beating the game. There are probably exceptions, but I’m certain the number will be below 50 more often than not.

Anyway, I chose a few video game elements for the poll, and left the other option to encompass stuff I may have missed. Some people steer toward co-op games above all. Some love story driven titles. Some people live for online multiplayer. Others are graphic junkies who will play anything pretty. Some gamers refuse to buy any game that takes less than a work week worth of playtime to finish. It’s all good, even if I don’t understand basing your purchases on any single one of those criteria. I’m just interested to see what you are all thinking when sizing up the latest contender for your hard (or easily) earned dollars. So humor me.

If you’re wondering what I look for, or my order, here you go. I love co-op games, and narrative driven experiences. Competitive multiplayer is probably the least important to me. Except when it comes to fighters anyway. Graphics definitely help, but I love retro themed games just as much and they are usually 16 bit. Gameplay matters for sure, but I can overlook a few flaws in the mechanics if I am having fun. So there you have it. Let me know how you feel. Vote in the poll, hit the comments, and hit us on the Twitter. See ya later.

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