Axiom Verge: MetroidVania Strikes Again

So I decided to go check out the PS store today on a whim, and I started looking at the featured titles in Sony’s Spring Fever Collection. I saw some games that I have been wanting to play or a while, namely Hotline Miami 2 and Bastion (which I missed the first time around.) I saw Metal Slug 3 in there and thought about Mercenary Kings. I saw the co-op bullet hell title.Jamestown+, which looks amazing. I even saw the much loved Shovel Knight lurking about. But I’m not here to talk about any of those games. I’m here to talk about what I saw next.


I did the research. I know this is an old PC game. I don’t care. It’s like Contra, Metroid, and Castlevania had a threesome. It’s like someone OD’d on the 16 bit era and then made this game chasing the high after years of being clean. Do you remember how you felt when you flipped the castle in Symphony of the Night? When you shoulder charged through multiple rooms on Super Metroid? Do you remember searching every possible crevice of a map looking for the next weapon or item that will blow your mind? Do you? DO YOU!?!?!?!?

I do. And that’s why my body is ready for Axiom Verge. If you feel the way I do, you better get ready too. Jerz out.


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