Buying Video Games.. at Best Buy?

So…I care not for Best Buy on many fronts. They often don’t have what I want, the customer service has never been amazing, and for the spot to be called “Best Buy”, you’d think you’d save some cash (price match with Amazon is always great though) when you’re there. I’ll pass.

HOWEVER. They just announced plans to drop the price for membership to their Gamers Club — Which was already a good deal at the $99 bucks (2 year membership) they were charging IMO — to 30 dollars for two years of the service, on March 8th.

It hasn’t been announced if they’re going to nerf the benefits that they offered prior to the price drop, but as it stands, you can anticipate things like this:

  • 20% off new physical games (Yes, I’m a physical game person still. Fight me.) Which leads to…
  • 10% bonus trade-in credit on used purchases (Which always comes in handy when BB does the 50% bonus on trade in with purchase of new game promo)
  • 10% off of pre-owned software purchases

Among other perks with their Rewards Zone program, this actually seems like a worthwhile investment. Reduced price, racking up points for “free” money (in the form of a BB certificate), and the occasional “please spend some more money with us” coupon for being a member, sounds good to me. For the complete list of perks, check the link at the end of the post.

It never crossed my mind to try to price match in conjunction with my membership, but I’ll be looking into that when I pick up Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, GTA V (If it was $60, i would not be buying this.. I’ll also wait on a review of the “heists”… if March 10th is really going to happen…) and Payday 2 soon. Wait. Yaaayy for remasters! (insert eye roll here.) Sounds like a good way to save some pennies though. If you spend 150 bucks on games in a two-year period (not difficult at all) you’d get your money’s worth on the new game discount alone (disclaimer— I still count on my fingers, so tell me if I’m wrong).

Nonetheless, does this motivate you to drive right past EB Games  Gamestop and do shopping with BB? Are you still an Amazon shopper? How do you buy your games?

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