Playstation Now…..Or Never.

You see the title? That’s your choice. Now or never. Because it’s finally here.

The oft maligned (or celebrated) Playstation now will officially debut on January 13th, and everyone is weighing in on whether or not it’s worth the money. So, why not me? Let’s talk about it.


As many have speculated all along, Sony indeed has a subscription plan for the PS Now service. There are 2 options. You can either pay 20 bucks per month, or 45 bucks for a 3 month sub (15 per month.) So the question is simple. Is 15-20 dollars a month a fair price for access to streaming hundreds of PS3 games? Streaming through your PS4, PStv, or select Sony televisions nonetheless? My answer is yes, and I’ll tell you why.

Go to right now. Look up the price of the following games. Bioshock Infinite. God of War: Ascension. NBA2K14. Saints Row IV. The Last of Us. For the price of ONE of those games, you would have unlimited access to ALL of them and hundreds more. I don’t know how much more simple to make it.

It’s not all roses for Sony though. For one, single game rental prices are still atrocious. Second, people who previously owned these games have to feel a little ticked off about paying ANOTHER monthly fee just to access them on anything other than a PS3, namely their PS4. A lot of people got rid of the PS3 in favor of it’s newer counterpart, and it sucks to have to pay to access games you may possibly still own. It would have been nice if there was an option to unlock games you own somehow. But that seems like wishful thinking.

With that said, I still feel like 15 bucks a month is more than fair for the amount of content at your fingertips. Now, one may browse the library and decide that most of the games aren’t worth it. And that is a very valid stance to take. If you don’t feel that way, then I see no other reason to feel like you’re being overcharged. People have compared the service to predecessors such as Netflix, and rightfully so. You may look at Netflix’s 8.99 fee and wonder why the hell Sony is charging double that. Let’s put this in its proper perspective though. Even if each of these titles were 5 bucks a piece to buy from a game store, it would cost you roughly 750+ dollars to buy them all. Or about 37-50 months of PS now subscription fees.

For someone who never owned a PS3 and currently owns a PS4, this REALLY seems like a no brainer if they wanted to play catch up. I’m almost certain most (if not all) of Sony’s first party titles will hit the service, and I’m sure those are the games someone who fits that category are interested in anyway. For 180 a year, you have access to over 150 PS3 games and growing. Or you can wait around until a few games you want to play are available, and pay for a month or two so you can play them. Get in, get out.

Well that’s my take. I’m interested in yours. Hit the comments or the Twitter and let us know if you plan to subscribe, and how you feel about the pricing. See ya around.

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