First Quarter 2015: What Matters?

This is a huge first quarter for video games. The Big 3 are all looking to continue their holiday momentum, and they plan to do it in some decidedly different ways. 2014 was a down year in most people’s eyes, and many expect 2015 to make up for it. I’m here to take a look and list the most important game for each platform this quarter. This isn’t definitive, it’s just my take. Let’s start with the handhelds.



The 3DS is a juggernaut, and we can see that the Vita poses no sort of threat to Nintendo’s handheld dominance. With that said, I feel like the most important release this quarter for it will be Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. At least it will if not pushed back. Monster Hunter has always been a huge handheld franchise, and this time around Nintendo is allowing friends to find each other over the internet. Add in the DMC and SF2 crossovers, as well as the lack of any other major releases during 1st quarter, and this choice is a no brainer.



The Vita is not in the prettiest position despite being a great system. Sony seems to have an identity crisis here, and they don’t really know who to market it to. Despite that, they are making strides to give those who purchased one something to play. Owners will undoubtedly look forward to Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number this quarter. The first title was a fan favorite, and the sequel looks to up the ante. Guns, babes, and VIOLENCE! That’s why I bought my Vita! Not really, but it sounded good.

XBox One


I know many won’t agree with this pick, so let me explain my reasoning. The XBox platform came out the gate with many excellent Live Arcade titles. However, over the past few years Sony seemed to embrace indie gaming wholeheartedly to great results. Sony is said to have the more diverse library thanks to a good amount of high profile indies. A huge step in reversing that perception lies in the hands of Ori and the Blind Forest. This game was one of the biggest surprises of E3 2014, and plenty of PS4 owners were jealous it would not be coming to their console. If it performs well, it could mean more high profile indie exclusives for MS. And that is a huge deal.

Wii U



I couldn’t decide which of these 2 games were more important, so I just called it a tie. Both of them will look to keep the ball rolling for the Wii U, which has been on an impressive wave lately. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and Yoshi’s Woolly World are two veeeeery different platformers, each with their own unique charms that will attract Wii U gamers. They each also boast distinctive visuals. Yoshi has a nice yarn design, while Kirby’s title looks like a clay painting come to life. I’m sure my son will want both of these smh.



I didn’t even need to think about my choice here because there is only one option. The Order: 1886 is incredibly important for Sony. Sony went the whole 2014 without a signature exclusive. Ninty had plenty, and MS had the Halo Collection along with Forza 5 and Sunset Overdrive. Sony had to live off of third party efforts, and The Order ABSOLUTELY has to get Sony’s first party ball rolling since Driveclub couldn’t do it. I’m not sure how good the game will be, but I am sure of how essential it is for it to sell well. Ready at Dawn seem to be confident, so we’ll see how it all plays out.

There you go. I feel like these are the games that will serve to strengthen their platforms identity in the first quarter. Time will tell how they perform in that role. If you have any other picks, sound off in the comments or on the Twitter. Happy gaming!

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