Buying Guide (January 2015)


With that out the way, we just finished an exciting year of gaming. There were disappointments, triumphs, surprises, and games that simply met expectations. This year looks to be even better, but you can’t tell looking at this month’s releases. However, January is historically light so don’t fret. Either way, I have an obligation to tell you what’s up, so I shall. Let’s get to it.


Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (Jan 20 on PS4, XB1) – Let’s just call this Saints Row IV, GOTY edition. It’s simpler. It includes the original game, as well as the Gat Out of Hell DLC which releases the same day. The DLC will be sold as a standalone release for last gen consoles as well.


Resident Evil (Jan 20 on PS4, XB1, PS3, 360, PC) – Resident Evil fans that love the original are probably excited for this remake…..of a remake. I’m not the biggest fan of the franchise, but the first remake was stellar. This one looks to up the ante, promising even better visuals and fully remastered sound to enhance the scares we remember so well. A new widescreen mode allows the screen to scroll with the action if you like, and an alternate control scheme allows your character to move wherever you press the analog stick. For the purists, the original 4:3 ratio and control scheme are also present. Watch for the dogs.


Dying Light (Jan 27 on PS4, PC, XB1) – The team that brought you Dead Island returns with Dying Light, proving that the freaks really do come out at night. Can you survive until the morning? As the sun sets, the dangers increase, so make the most of the daylight and prepare for nightfall. Or die in the dark. Your choice.


Grim Fandango Remastered (Jan 27 on PS4, PC) – The cult classic Grim Fandango is back and better than ever. I’m a huge fan of Double FIne’s work (Stacking, Psychonauts, and Costume Quest in particular) and some would argue this game is their crown jewel. The adventures of Manny Calavera never looked so good, and Double Fine packed plenty of goodies for newcomers and vets alike. I recommend you check this out, especially if you’re a fan of the Telltale type of games (Walking Dead, etc.)

Free Stuff

Games with Gold is offering XBox One owners the murder mystery D4. 360 owners can download MX vs ATV Alive until the 15th when it is replaced by The Witcher 2 in advance of part 3’s May release.

PS Plus is offering PS4 owners cloning puzzle game The Swapper, and inFAMOUS: FIrst Light this month. PS3 owners will receive Prototype 2 and the excellent DuckTales Remastered. Finally, Vita owners get Whoa Dave! and Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition.

One final note. Sony has released a statement about the holiday PSN outage. Those who had active PS Plus accounts on Dec. 25th will receve 5 days free. Sony is also offering PSN members a one time 10% discount on the PSN. It will apply to a full cart purchase, so make the most of it. More details on when these items will be available is coming soon.

Well, there’s your January! I’m really happy to be back, and I look forward to spearheading the Ourcade’s biggest year ever. Come along for the ride. Follow us on FaceBook (Ourcade Games) and Twitter (@OurcadeGames) and please subscribe to the podcast. I hope to get it on a weekly schedule again soon. I also hope to start making videos for our YouTube channel soon. We’ll see. If anyone can help with that sort of stuff, speak up. Ok, back to gaming. See y’all soon!

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