GoldenEye 007: Get Them Myths Out.

I’m sick of the cult of James Bond spreading their propaganda. Gamers love to wax poetic about how Goldeneye was the best shooter ever. Some simply say it is the best on the Nintendo 64. If you take off the rose colored nostalgia tinted glasses, you’ll see how silly this statement really is. It’s just the one you liked/played/remembered the most or were the best at.

Most people who are members of this cult love to launch into their favorite memories of the multiplayer. “I HATED ODDJOB!” “TEMPLE LEVEL OMGGGG” “PROXIMITY MINES!” “I WOULD BE IN THE STALL LOLOLOLOL” No one realizes that while all these moments were fun, fun isn’t what makes something better than something else. It just makes it more fun. One could counter by saying “well whatever I have the most fun with is the best.” Yeah, in your world. It just makes it your favorite in the real world. Furthermore, in the real world, there are real ways to compare similar things. So let’s.

Based on Metacritic, it’s not the highest rated shooter on N64. It’s #2 behind the superior (in my opinion anyway) Perfect Dark. One could argue that game reviews are merely a collection of opinions no more valid than their own. That is a fact. With that said, a consensus of people who critique games for a living decided that one game was ever so slightly better than the other. I feel like that’s somewhat relevant.

It IS the best selling shooter on the console, so it has that going for it. One could argue that the James Bond license is a huge reason why it sold so many copies, whereas Perfect Dark wasn’t based on a known quantity. Even if that is the case, the numbers are the numbers. So it was indeed the most POPULAR shooter on the console.

This is more indicative of what’s happening in gaming right now. Whatever people enjoy most has to be better than everything else. The problem is you’re applying how you judge things to everyone. If we are to truly judge things objectively, there has to be a clear criteria to judge by. Call of Duty is benefiting from the same mindset that allows Goldeneye to be called the best shooter ever. You play it the most, so its the best. Call me weird, but that is troublesome to me. It is problematic because it discounts plenty of great games that just happen or happened to be played less. To revisit the Perfect Dark vs Goldeneye debate…..ask someone who prefers Goldeneye why they do. Every answer they give will be based on preference. However, there are actual technical and design reasons why you may think the reverse.

I’m done ranting. I didn’t even really need to write this. I’m just weary man. I really care about gaming, and people really love to just say whatever not realizing that others will believe it. I mean, I trolled Twitter for a month saying that Destiny was trash and some people immediately believed it to be fact just because I said it. I think Goldeneye has benefited from this greatly. People have said its the best for so long that its just accepted as gospel. Well I don’t subscribe to that religion. Sorry, not sorry. See ya later gamers.

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