Ourcade Games Madden League Week 3 Wrap Up

I. B. Reporting here with your weekly wrap up. We’re starting to see some teams find their way early in the season, although no clear contenders have presented themselves yet. Let’s take a look at the games for Week 3. Due to technical difficulties, we can’t bring you the post game conferences this week. We’ll be sure to have them back next week.

Dallas 31 – St. Louis 7

Tony Romo shook off the inconsistencies that have plagued him thus far in a masterful performance. 18 for 21 and 3 touchdowns sounds like an emphatic statement to me. DeMarco Murray did his part with 92 yards, and Romo spread the love to multiple receivers in this one. St. Louis just couldn’t find the answers today. Dallas played desperate, and it showed on the field. They’ll try for a repeat performance against the Saints next week.

Houston 28 – New York Giants 10

Garoppolo and Andre Johnson are really finding a nice synergy. For the second week in a row, the rookie looked in command on the field. He followed up his 5 TD performance by putting 4 more on the scoreboard. If the offense can continue to put points on the board, the Texans could be a fearsome opponent. The Giants rushing attack was pathetic, notching a paltry 4 yards. The Giants had more sacks allowed than rushing yards. Think about that for a moment.

Minnesota 14 – New Orleans 13

The Vikings won a nail biter over the Saints to improve to 2-1. Kyle Rudolph had over 100 yards receiving and 2 TD’s to lead the Vikes. Teddy Bridgewater threw 2 interceptions, but he also managed to find the end zone twice. Both rushing attacks were stifled for the most part, making this a defensive struggle. Coach Wilf needs to find a way to get Adrian Peterson on track if this team wants long term success.

Cincinnati 21 – Tennessee 17

Giovani Bernard rushed for 2 touchdowns to help his Bengals beat the Titans. Andy Dalton had another mediocre game, leading some to speculate that he may be playing through an injury. The Bengals defense lived in the Titans backfield, notching 5 sacks on the day. Jake Locker did his best, but in the end he fell a little short in his comeback bid.

Cleveland 37 – Baltimore 31

Cleveland had their first real test this week against their division rivals. In the end, they found a way to win a hard fought game. Manziel’s air attack proved to be the difference maker. He threw for 4 TD’s, and all of his targets were used to great effect. The Browns defense notched 6 sacks, making Flacco’s life very unpleasant. He still managed a very efficient stat line, but it just wasn’t enough. Who will stop the Browns? The Titans get the next chance.

New England 41 – Oakland 14

LaGarrette Blount had a monster day with 145 yards and 2 TD’s to lead his Pats to victory. Time of possession was heavily in the Pats favor, and Oakland just couldn’t keep their offense on the field. Gronk had a big day receiving with 138 yards. The Pats offense has been humming along this season, and they look like a strong contender as usual.

San Francisco 35 – Arizona 17

Kaepernick tried to force the issue on this one, and the box score reflects that with 4 interceptions. The 49ers defense had his back, as they absolutely terrorized the Cardinals offense. Frank Gore helped move the ball on the ground with 102 yards, and added a sensational 5 touchdowns. The 49ers might want to emphasize ball security in practice this week. Kaepernick takes way too many chances.

Denver 19 – Seattle 13

This Superbowl rematch didn’t resemble last year’s contest at all. Peyton still struggled, and Russell Wilson was still efficient, but the Denver defense showed up and showed out. Seattle’s offense was stymied, and Wes Welker’s 142 yards and 1 touchdown helped Denver secure the payback win. Denver secretly looked forward to proving they were not scared of Seattle, and this game shows they can win a grind-it-out contest against a physical team.

Miami 29 – Kansas City 15

Tannehill continues to struggle with his passing, but Lamar Miller picked up the slack with 148 yards and 2 TD’s. Tannehill doesn’t look confident in the pocket, and he seems to be rushing his throws. Miami will only go as far as he takes them, so he needs a big game next week to reverse course. One bright spot was the offensive line of Miami kept the QB clean. That’s an encouraging sign after last year’s mess of a line.

Chicago 42 – New York Jets 10

Chicago came into this game fresh off of an old fashioned beat down. They paid it forward by demolishing the Jets and exorcising those demons. This house…..is clear. The Jets were dazed and confused, throwing more passes to the Bears than the Jets it seemed. Martellus Bennett almost cleared 200 yards receiving to pace the Bears, but this one was a laugher. Can the Jets recover gracefully as the Bears just did?

Indianapolis 31 – Jacksonville 24

The Jaguars were close to earning their first win, but it wasn’t to be this week. Blake Bortles just about played Andrew Luck to a draw, but in the end the Colts proved to be too much. Bortles has made great strides in recent games, and he may be closer to making the Jags respectable than we thought. Luck has won his share of close games though, and that experience showed in this close contest.

We’ll see you next week, hopefully with our media equipment intact. This is I. B. Reporting, signing off.



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