Destiny’s Upcoming Events List

Bungie just released a list of upcoming events for the world of Destiny, so I’m here to share it with you Guardians out there that may have missed it. Here’s the list in full. For those that want it in text form, I’ll translate below the pic.


Salvage is going to be a new game mode in the Crucible, or PvP area. It will be open this weekend. Looks to be centered around some capture the relic type action with 3 person teams.

September 16th is when the first raid, Vault of Glass, will be available. Can’t wait!

Combined Arms is another Crucible mode, and I’m assuming it’s all about adding vehicles to the maps that don’t already have them. Either that, or it’s a special event focused on the maps that have vehicles.

Queen’s Wrath is a new set of story missions straight from the Queen herself. Cool to see that the story will expand over time.

Finally, the Iron Banner returns in October. Crucible lovers, prepare your gear. Level advantages will be enabled.

There you go Guardians. Just doing our part to spread the info. See you at the Tower!

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