Destiny: Thoughts From The “Fireteam”

You see what I did there?

I purposely neglected to mention Destiny in the September buying guide, as you may remember. I felt a mere mention wasn’t enough for a release of this magnitude. Some may disagree, and that’s fine. But we do things our way around here, hence OURcade. Anyway, I reached out to the team to get their thoughts on Destiny before launch, and I would like to share so you know where each of us stand. Some may be more excited than others, and some may not give a crap at all. Whatever the case may be, Destiny has become an event at this point. I’m pretty sure the naysayers and believers will enjoy the spectacle of it all equally. Let’s get to it. I’ll save my thoughts for last.


I’ve never been much of a online gamer, especially when it comes to shooters. Bungie somehow managed to pull me in with the Destiny Beta. After my normal slow start with shooters, I found myself routinely knocking out matches where I was one of the top 3 players. The shooting mechanics were solid and the controls were tight and responsive. The thing that impressed me the most was just how well the game worked when it came to other players in your world. I enjoyed linking up with a couple of other players that I met just wandering around during my mission. If everything continues to work like it should in Destiny, I think we’re looking at Game of the Year, no question.


We’re a week out from Destiny, and people don’t realize how much is riding on it despite the massive hype. Read this loud and clear, Destiny won GOTY 2014 when it was revealed at Sony’s PS4 conference in February of 2013, and it is going to be one of the most important games of this generation.Realize that Destiny is in fact the next big thing.

After extensive playtime with both the Alpha and Beta of this game, I feel it is going to revolutionize the way single player and multi player are molded on consoles. Yes there are already MMO’s on the consoles, F2P and P2P, but Destiny is not a MMO game. It is a “shared-online-experience” game, like The Division (another game that has a lot riding on its shoulders) is going to be. These are always online games that cater to the core of teamwork, but can be played almost entirely solo (I am a solo player myself in MMOs, word to Kirito from SAO). Believe me when I say that Destiny will spawn a new era of shared-online-experiences where we get all of the benefits of an MMO without any of the major drawbacks, such as subscriptions and server queues.

Even if the game is not a day one purchase for you or you are undecided, you will more than likely find yourself playing this game. Yes I said it. Unless you are 100% against FPS of any kind, I can assure you that as against the game as you think you are, you will only be able to hold out after so many Twitch sessions and #PS4Share posts. You simply will not be able to resist the allure for long. It is going to be that good. Not to throw any jabs, but this is the sort of hype (though to a much lesser extent) that Titanfall received. What people didn’t understand about that game is that at the end of the day, it was a MP only title that could only hold attention for so long. It was not meant to revamp the FPS genre, but instead to inject some much needed freshness into it. And that’s exactly what it did. Future military FPS titles will be better for it (do not bring up CoD: AW, that game was in production before Titanfall and more closely resembles Crysis than TF).

The destiny that is in store for Destiny (yes, I just did that, fight me) is as simple as this. Either this game will go on to be the sweetheart of the media like the original Halo trilogy is (sorry Halo 4, but no) for years to come. Or it will be a “good job, good effort” thing that people just remember as the #1 pick on the numerous “Most Overhyped Games of the Last Generation” articles that will pop up around the time of the PS5 and Xbox Next (yes I still think we will have dedicated consoles for the next gen, the internet in the US won’t be anywhere close to ready for an all online future in the next 5-6 years). There is no in between for this game, that’s how much is riding on it’s shoulders. But that’s perfectly ok, because Bungie is at the helm, and Activision is footing the bill (and that seems to be all they’re doing, as the IP is Bungie’s, which is great news).

So get ready for all the articles about how this is one of the greatest games of all time already next week, because it is going to be THAT good, as a game in 2014, and as a product all the way up until (and probably continuing past) 2024.


My first chance at Destiny was the closed Alpha, and I was immediately impressed with what I saw. I’ve been excited for the game since it’s announcement, but at one point I did lose some of my hype for it. At the time we hadn’t seen much of the game’s features. Just a few firefights and some enemies. That changed once I played the Alpha, and to an even greater extent, the Beta. Once I got to experience it myself, I was excited again. The elements of the game that stood out to me the most were the MMO features, such as PVP currency and gear. I also was a fan of how co-op missions are very similar to the raids that you find in MMO’s, albeit with less players. I played all 3 character classes and my favorite one by far is the Warlock. It’s reminiscent of a BattleMage from other RPG’s that I have played. Destiny feels like Borderlands and Halo mixed together, with a dash of WoW. Being that those are 3 games I love, it’s safe to say I’m hooked. Overall, Destiny has really impressed me so far. Hopefully the final game impresses me even more.



At this point, I don’t know what can be said about Destiny that hasn’t already been said. I’m on record going from “I don’t see the hype of this game” to “holy shit, when is September 9th?” A couple of days ago, I started the pre-load option to have the game when it’s released. I’m also taking Tuesday off of work so I can sit down and play for hours without interruption. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I’m practically bursting at the seams like a muffin-top woman in pair of skinny Levi’s. I wish I had something more to give to you, dear reader, but I don’t. I’ve been hyped for over four months, and it’s finally going to enter my living room. Even the strongest “molly” couldn’t overcome the giddiness I’m feeling at this moment. I’ll see you online.

Woods and Ru chose not to share their thoughts on Destiny. I’m assuming that’s because they don’t give a crap about it. The interesting thing about that is…..they re the 2 XBox One owners on the team. I don’t know if that is mere coincidence, or something more. Feel free to speculate.

As for myself, my thoughts mirror most of those above. I was also in the camp of indifference at one point. It’s well documented that I’m not the biggest FPS fan. The Alpha completely sold me on the game. I agree with the Halo + Borderlands + WoW comparison, it’s almost a perfect description in my opinion. I was never a Halo fan, but I absolutely adore the Borderlands series. I have been playing Diablo 3 for a couple of weeks, and I can definitely see where the MMO label comes from as far as Destiny goes. It’s basically an MMOFPS done on a grand scale, but it disguises that fact REALLY well so the “cool kids” aren’t put off by the idea of playing a MMO. As long as Bungie follow through with post release content as they have stated they will, I don’t think they can lose.

So there you go. 5 of us are irrationally excited for Destiny, and the other 2 could care less about it. In any event, we are a little over a day away from the biggest release of the year. So for those who will be starting the journey to become legendary, we’ll see you around. Get your snacks and beverages together, clear your schedule, and let your fellow Guardians know that time is here.

One thought on “Destiny: Thoughts From The “Fireteam”

  1. I noticed that there was no mention of Destiny in the buying guide. I thought that was odd, but glad to know it was intentional. I enjoy all of the emails and information that you guys send out. I already took the rest of the week off from work to put in some hours playing Destiny.

    PSN: skizzle1999

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